Fashion for Grandma

Decide what to wear in everyday life is an exercise in creativity to any woman. And, for those who have more than 50, is an interesting challenge: how to get out of your wardrobe basics, respecting your own biotype and getting comfortable? On the eve of the grandparents ‘ day, celebrated on July 26, invite a blogger superligada in fashion, the Gaucho Mireia Borges, 59 years old, to be our model for a day and show that it is always possible to dare us everyday looks.
Grandmother of Eduarda, two years, and Peter, who will be born in December, Mireia has three daughters and two blogs: Talking with Mireia and Happens in the Mills, in which discloses actions directed to the public of mature women.
-I want them to be surprised, feel alive, show that are very important in our society – defending.
Nine years ago, when she turned 50, business educator decided to be a blogger. The theme fashion never comes out of your radar. Markedly classical style, Mireia enjoyed trying out the proposals of the stylist Gabriela Casartelli to inspire other grannies State.
-Choose basic parts of everyday life that everyone can use and that work for any body type. Of course each person knows better what suits you. Mireia loves skirts and dresses, but you know I use a pair of jeans with a higher waist will work better than a skinny grudadíssima, for example-compares the stylist.
During the photo shoot, Gabriela, Mireia and makeup artist Taís Andrade-which proposed colors of lipsticks well marked-exchanged figures about taboos concerning the visual of a mature woman:
– Let’s end with this talk of “aged, so I can’t mix colors”. It does not exist, who dictated it? -causes Gabi.
Look 1
Stamped Lizáli Blazer, Renner denim shirt, black pencil skirt Shops Pompeii, moccasin Anzetutto and glasses Optical Center
“Every woman usually has a black skirt in the YOUREMAILVERIFIER. This model has a crack, so Mason felt more comfortable using with a dark pantyhose. The trick of the longest used denim shirt with one part inside works well composing with a coat stretched, which calls attention to the upper part of the body. The printed blazer gives a special touch. For being colorful, runs away from the obvious and follows composing style. ” (by Gabriela Casartelli, stylist)
Look 2
Carmel shirt Noir,Pompeii Shops jacket, jeans, sneaker Anzetutto and Folic Prada glasses.
“Even though Mason is a grandmother of classic style, and it is important to note that, she can stay with a lot of attitude using a perfecto jacket: this play has on the front elements of tweed, which updates the look of traditional” Granny of casaqueto chanel “, perfect for a winter day, without forcing it. A looser shirt and stamped contrasts with the jacket and urban air. To replace the jeans, another possible combination would be riding pants. ” (by Gabriela Casartelli, stylist)
Tips Of Mason

  • To be stylish, you don’t have to look 30 years younger. Nor is it necessary to wear clothes of girl. Remember that the sets have to be comfortable and that you also have to have common sense when dressing.
  • Put a classical piece, with a maximum necklace or a jacket or a jacket over, completely changes the final effect.
  • Be a grandma’s elegant dare in the tone of the hair, jewelry, scarf, hat, sleeve color.