Fashion Editorial: Lace, White and Transparency

We’re with the feet in Paris, but with the little head in Brazil! It’s not easy to plan the vacation, we count the seconds to rest, dream of the days when we could sleep without time to wake up, but who says we can do? Give to go out of my mind just thinking of getting stops. But when we do what we love nothing tired, aren’t you? So dear readers stay quiet because of vacation we will continue keeping you updated of all the hits that are rolling around. As the popular saying, in Luxury guess is thus: we whistle and suck sugar cane at the same time! We love to share the news with you, today we prepare another fashion editorial maaaravilhoso, stuffed with looks, trends and inspirations, with arrivals on GARPY, multi-brand store of Campo Grande (MS).
Inspiration fashion is one of the things that can not miss in our daily lives, no matter where you go: whether it is for work, market, bakery, ballad, on the corner of the house. There we go women running for the wardrobe in a cruel mission to choose the perfect look for the occasion! So it’s always nice to have a “wild card”, that outfit when we bought we know at what time it will be our best friend. But if you are afraid of making mistakes and invest money in a piece that soon will be out of fashion, surrender! That’s right girls, the lace and transparencies are up this season, in fact, they remain steadfast and strong. Lacy fabrics come in shades of nude, red, orange, and the inevitable black and white. Translate sensuality and romance in sweaters, tops, dresses and pants, to take them in the morning and at night. On GARPY parts and details in income are dominating the piece. For spring/summer 2014 the store has invested heavily in this trend that for centuries is a success in the fashion world and is among the favorite fabrics used by globalsciencellc. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the white “comes which comes with everything” at the next station. So forget the idea that white is just to doctors, dentists and butchers … kkkkk … and no book that look beautiful, tan white, just for the new year. Already are here our suggestions for those who want to tear down the white party, that soon will be held in Campo Grande.