Fashion Conscious Man

That beauty and outward has become an increasingly important part in men’s lives are seen today as something obvious. Bathroom Cabinets are becoming fuller, the upholstery increasingly elaborate and fashion magazines. But what really affects the way we dress ourselves that we are just men? What does it really mean to that man be fashion conscious? In today’s Chronicle gives Daniel her view of things and tomorrow, Olof to treat the same subject.

Sure, something happened. Certainly not as much as we want to believe, but men don’t look at themselves with the same dull look today as they did yesterday. It has of course always been those who demonstrated excessive interest in their own outer, but previous stack the out from the crowd. Now the crowd. They are you and me, your neighbor and most people he knows. Why is well really the interesting question, but since we do not engage in investigative journalism but chosen to surf on the superficial wave spelled manly fashion, this text will instead focus on the male’s way of approaching their exterior.
How much our approach to vanity than changed, we are still men; We rarely cries, is straight in the communication and square when it comes to everything else. We throw ourselves into the new stuff, but rather a detour past the well-known landmarks, places where we have been before and where we feel at home. Quality is one such place. We understand quality. It has been a factor that guided us when we bought the car, boat, House, jumps we back a number of decades, it was even something we took into account when we “chose” wife. It is therefore obvious that quality must comply with when we are going to conquer our own external. For quality helps us to understand what else is strange. When it comes to the thorny decisions it feels reassuring to watch has an atomic clock, the shoes are welted and that the jacket is not glued, but is held together by precisionssydda threads. There is also a trademark there behind with ancient history, we can really catch your breath, then it’s classic!
The classical mode again come in vogue while men awakened and realised that they look like crap, can possibly be a coincidence. There are too many elements in the classic fashion that rhymes with how we guys work. We have always been more loyal to brands than women. For us it is important with principles and to create relationships with the things we surround ourselves with a woman would never choose to dedicate his entire life to a football team that never WINS, so do we. So when we now yrvaket stapplat out in the shops, we take safe and choose garments that have a history, so that we can relate to them.
I’m such a. I ‘googled’ wine given to me by friends before I drink it, it gives me more pleasure of knowing what it is I let drain. And in the same way it is with the clothes, they have a history gives it an extra dimension when I wear them, But it feels quite uneasy about the norm should be a canned fashion style from the past. The male fashion and the clothes we wear are worth more than that. We can never stop them down in a square box, but must let them speak to our aesthetic senses, not putting strypkoppel on them, already in advance using the carbon 14 method to determine what is right and wrong.
I’m not saying we should stop aiming for a classic look, but I think we should stop the faint-hearted: be open for new impressions, thumb on old truths and drop on some of our policies (we will only get more the older we get). I want to see a male fashion that continues to evolve, I want more Peter Sipens, which may not quite achieve the trick to get a potato sack to see chick, but that in all cases, have the courage to try. It does not create new classics of old. The simple truth should speak for itself.