Fall 2016 Winter 2017 Fashion Trends

Gigi Hadid in mother Versace, Susan Sarandon in disco Queen confusing at Marc Jacobs and Kim Kardashian visibly in tears at Balmain… Passage through the most beautiful countryside winter 2016-2017.

If the summer season full swing, the fashion industry, instinctively conditioned to take one step ahead, unveils (already) campaigns of the fall-winter 2016-2017. Overview.

The headliners

For their winter campaigns, brands of fast-fashion and other luxury homes have rented models superstars services, by appealing to a few celebrities in reinforcement. Thus, MaxMara and Versace leverage Destinée traits of the top model Gigi Hadid, freshly appointed Ambassador Tommy Hilifiger, while Fendi and Guess him prefer her friends, Kendall Jenner for one, and Hailey Baldwin for the other.

Other familiar faces: Karlie Kloss, who poses for the campaign, Liu Jo, Kate Moss , which resumed sunglasses at Calvin Klein, Susan Sarandon, who takes on the role of Muse for Marc Jacobs and the children (of) stars, Willow Smith, rookie Chanel and Kaia Gerber who, as a worthy daughter of Cindy Crawford, is a place in the Sun with the Eyewear of Miu Miu campaign.

The choice of decors

The stylistic wanderings from the House of Gucci in Tokyo through the scenes of dress revolt of the Moschino brand in Milan without forgetting the Versace family walks the streets of New York City, winter 2016-2017 campaigns highlight scene different perspectives mode.

Note also the musical performance at Balmain, which merges its video advertising with the clip “Wolves” rapper  Kanye West, pictorial aesthetics at Moncler which operates the artistic talents of the famous Annie Leibovitz, the poses strong coached by photographer seasoned Steven Meisel for Dior and a certain old-world charm in vogue among Current/Eliott and Sandro.”

See the most beautiful countryside winter 2016-2017 in the slideshow.