Facebook Unveils New Look of the Timeline

A few days after announcing the changes in the news feed of social networking, the Facebook officially presented the news in the Timeline, which has circulated on the network as rumors a few days ago.

The main changes follow the same trend already presented in the news feed – brings larger images, highlights the recent activities of users and facilitates interaction with sections of the tab ‘on’, like the movies you’ve seen, books you’ve read and photos who took on Instagram (incidentally, the interaction with the Instagram is hardly surprising, since the service was purchased by Facebook itself).
The boxes showing books and movies also get the possibility of changing without much ado, simply click on the image to mark movies and books as desired or watched / read.
On page presentation of the so-called ‘improvements Timeline’, the product experience manager of social networking, Rose Yao, says that the goal is to bring a lighter and organized design, giving preference for audiovisual content in the right column, which is wider, and focusing the texts in the closest area to the left.
Anyway, you can not help noticing that the new look of the Timeline replica quite what can be seen in Google + currently. Just missing the G + get to be as expressive as the Mark Zuckerberg network.
As is usual, the changes will be released gradually to all users.