Facebook Invites Journalists to Announce New News Feed

Now is that time of year when the social network of the moment change various parts of your layout and people spend weeks complaining about how the old layout was better: Facebook invited the press to an event next week, which should announce changes in the news feed.
The event, which should take place next Thursday, March 7, already draws attention by invitation, large companies usually do mystery about what will be announced, but this time it is clear: the news feed should receive a slap visual with new features.
Yet there is nothing definitive about the changes, but it is not hard to imagine that we can have different formats for different media (links, recommendations, applications, images, etc.) or even changes in the algorithms that decide what the user will receive or not in your feed (which of course will leave many owners infuriated fanpage).
In addition to changes in the news feed, Mashable also reports that some users in New Zealand had the layout of the altered timeline, with a navigation tab, the “About” in a box on the left and other aesthetic changes, as we see below:
In addition, shared links also received a novelty: now the link in the footer appears a button inviting your friends to tan the fanpage website you shared. This should (in theory) serve to increase the amount of tanned through shares of users.
As changes are becoming official and available to more people, we will warn you here in our site. Or our fanpage, you probably already likes, right?