Facebook Creates Tool for Users in Disaster Sites That are Well Warn

If you are in a region that has just undergone a significant disaster, probably your friends and family will try to get their news. This is a behavior so common – and natural – that Facebook decided to create a tool suitable for this purpose: the Safety Check.

The novelty works as follows: if you are in a location affected by a terrorist attack, a natural disaster or a crash of major proportions, for example, Facebook will ask in your profile if you’re okay. If so, your contacts will be told that everything is ok with you.
If friends are geographically close, you can indicate the tool, they are also safe. Thus, the contacts of these people will also be advised.
To find out if you are in an area affected by a disaster, Facebook makes use of various media. The main one is informed by geolocation service app. Another is the city of identification in which you accessed the social network last.
If Facebook is wrong about your location, just click the button that tells you that you are not in a disaster area.
The inspiration for the creation of Safety Check came from the tsunami that devastated several Japanese cities in 2011. Millions of people were affected in some way by the disaster and engineers Facebook realized that many of them resorted to social networks to transmit information to relatives, friends and authorities.
“These events have taught us a lot about how people use Facebook during disasters, which inspired us to work on the Disaster Message Board to incorporate what we have learned,” said the company statement. This project, the Disaster Message Board, is leading to the development of the Safety Check.
Compatible with the Facebook apps for Android and iOS and also the web version of the service, the tool came into operation on Wednesday (15), but it may take a few days to cover all the bills.