Extensions: Hair Like Rapunzel

Hair extensions, also called extension, fulfill our dream of long, full hair. However, the range of hair materials and techniques for attaching extensions is great – we present the most important ones!
Who wants to have long hair, should they just let it grow? This unfortunately takes a long time and does not work for every type of hair. Sometimes, hair breakage or other vices are in the way of the dream of the long one. The solution: extensions, i.e. a hair extension.
Extensions: Caesar, Louis Xiv & The Wig Robbery
Anyone who believes that extensions are an invention of the modern age has been mistaken! Already in antiquity there were wigs, because gorgeous hair radiated probably beach and health. When during the Renaissance the French Sun King Louis XIV suffered from baldness, he also attacked the wig and helped the extensions from once to great popularity. So the wig robbery is an almost logical consequence of the time. Wigs were extremely expensive and valuable, so the bourgeoisie would like to steal the hair from his head.
The actual extensions, as we know them today, came in vogue about 40 years ago mainly among the African American people, as smooth falling hair is better styled and the Western beauty ideal is approaching. The extension trend has long since arrived in Europe: here, however, the dream of denser or long hair is more in the foreground.
Real Or Fake: What Hair Do You Want?
Before you can fulfill this dream, however, there are a few questions: how and with which hair do you want to extend or condense your hair? Human hair extensions have the advantage of being extremely authentic. In addition, you can usually wash hair parts with a shampoo. But they also have to dig deeper into the purse.
Then there are even more favorable beauty synthetic hair extensions, which are mostly unnatural to expose and should not come into contact with water, because this extension variant can then quickly look unkempt.
Hair Extension Methods
If the hair is selected, you still have to decide on a method for attaching: a common method is gluing or so-called hot bonding. Here, individual strands of hair are glued to the hair under the influence of heat. The extension strand is attached to the neck with a keratin or polymer fabric-this is heated, the strand joins with your own hair. Thus, strand for strand is lengthened the hair.
Another possibility is the “cold” bonding, here is a similar procedure, as with the gluing method. The difference lies in the fact that instead of keratin or another material, a metal ring is positioned around its own strand and is tightened with a special instrument.
If you want to remove the extensions later, you will need to obtain a special solvent in both cases.
The Quick Procedure For Extensions
If the attachment of individual strands is too time-consuming, this can be an alternative whole hair tresses – a kind of string on which the extensions are attached. This form of extensions is also available in art and human hair versions. They can also be attached to the own hair in a variety of ways. A practical version is clip-tresses, which can be clipped in and out as much as usual clip-hair spängchen. So the fake hair stays beautiful longer.
Then there is the method of gluing the extension tresse to the hairline: a silicone adhesive is used, which is waterproof. The Tresse can also be washed and you need a special silicone-solver to remove the Tresse.
The price range of the purchasable Rapunzelhaars starts at approximately 4.50 euros for 10 artificial strands of hair. All synthetic hair tresses are available for around 20 euros per tresse. If you only want to use genuine hair for lengthening is from 50 euro and has no limit. Rumor has it that US singer Beyoncé owns the most expensive extensions in the world, with an estimated value of several 100,000 dollars.