Exams Your Baby Must Do

What Exams Does the Baby Need to Do?
When the baby is born it is necessary that the same one does several different exams, but the moms, most of the first trip end up not knowing which Exams the baby needs to do and to clarify these doubts we came to bring some information.First let’s understand what the main ones are, even though some changes have been made in recent times and new exams have been added.
We leave below the name of the Exams that the baby needs to do so that the moms can know which are the most important and the first ones that are made, it is important to know that there are several others, and that your pediatrician’s doctor is the one who tells you to do and who accompanies the results of this examination:

  • Blood typing
  • Basic Testing
  • Extended Foot Test
  • Ear Test or Hearing Screening
  • Red Reflection

These are the types of exams the baby needs to do in the first few weeks, but do not worry because it is the doctor who passes everyone and you must make an appointment on time and return on time as well. These tests are for the detection and prevention of various types of diseases, so it is important that the person does not fail to do the same.
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Some of these tests are done even before the mother leaves the maternity ward, and serves to diagnose several things, so that all the exams requested by the doctor are of extreme importance for the health of your child. All of them you find in the public network of the municipality as well as in the private network of the same. now that you have checked the Exams tips that the baby needs to do the next step is not to leave your child without these exams if the doctor has forgotten some comment with him according to the list you saw just above.