Every Journey Has Come to an End

Looks like a joke, but Murphy’s law sometimes takes care of our life.Yesterday I put all the pictures of Madrid on my Flash drive and took to work to post. I come here and the pen drive does not open.
But, made up with Murphy, here I am to tell the news of the trip.
Actually, I wanted to recommend a filmito (is that we caught a session Middle madrugadinha yesterday and, you know, good thing we like to share). So, for those who want to give a good laugh and walk out of the theater by giving a lot of value to life, see already the untouchables.
Well, now we’re going to Madrid.
I spent three days in the city and we can see a lot and realize many other. The good news is that I have a friend who’s living there for two years, i.e. practically a site, which gave me all the good.
First point: I was hot. Frying type. And the Madrileños finding all very fresh because the week before was worse. And I feel in the River in summer, only without the beach. But the people are not stupid or anything. And, to meet the need to put a angelebee in this heat knife in Sportingology.com, the people were going to the Park. I was fortunate enough to stay in a hotel near the Parque del Retiro. A species of Ibirapuera Park Spanish version. Cool thing is that they have to ride the boat Lake and many lawns for picnicking, ice cream, or simply lie down under the scorching sun wearing very little clothing.
Second point: it is worth to stay there through the center of Madrid. It is the oldest part of the city, where they are virtually all points of interest and you will be able to do everything on foot. On the first day I bought a subway pass and I ended up using super little. Because the good is tired feet while you’re unpretentiously. Valley heading in Chueca, moderninhos district, full of restaurants and shops and go to Malasaña from night to bounce from one bar to the other eating tapas.
There around, on Gran Via, are also all giant stores you love and you are tired of hearing me talk here: H & M, Zara, Mango, Sephora. In fact, tip a friend, buy Zara in Spain. I gave a starters at Zara in Berlin and almost fell behind with the prices. It seemed expensive, more expensive even than in Brazil. When I got over the trauma and I in Madrid (that’s the one that gets in Gran Via), I was surprised with the variety of huge parts and much lower prices.
Third point: Madrid is well short. A city practically flat with short buildings, I don’t know, up to 6 floors. Therefore, it is worthwhile to climb any of the terrazas spread throughout the city in buildings a little taller than most. Several hotels have nice restaurants upstairs and several public buildings have open spaces upstairs just to let the people enjoy the view.
And that’s me, again with the dress of poá (elected vacation favorite) and Manu (my earlier, local Guide).
Fourth thing: I confess that I was somewhat disappointed with the Berlin gastronomical quality. I don’t know if it was my bad luck or if the food is not very varied, but not really impressed me. Hence, when I arrived in Spain, I was in a State of ecstasy. The culture of tapas (small portions, like appetizer on) is a gift from God to those who, like me, likes to try everything on the menu. So, as in Barcelona, Madrid offers an incredible dining experience.
I recommend especially the Mercado de San Miguel. Go on, have a cava or a white wine in one of the stalls, then goes to another, asks a couple of slaps. And is giving repeat. Cava, cava tapas, tapas.
For breakfast, a genius is the Mama Framboise. Seriously, I’ve never eaten tarts so wonderful in my life. The raspberry chocolate is on your knees and give thanks for his life.
Last but not least, Madrid has amazing museums. The ones everyone recommended were:
-the Prado Museum: is the largest Museum of Madrid and holds a enoooorme collection. But the focus of the guys is more classical, Renaissance art, with super peek’s influence of the Catholic Church in Spain.
–the Reina Sofia: is also quite large, but has a much wider focus within some more recent art history. You will find a lot of Cubists and Surrealists. My Favorites? The huge collection of works by Dalí and Picasso’s Guernica that has a room practically just for him.
Us! Really missed talking about Thyssen!!! The Thyssen is amazing and is there right from the flip side of the Parque del Retiro. An interesting thing is that, unlike most museums, Thyssen is a private collection. Who is going to Barcelona now, take advantage of it to give a little jump there and view the temporary expo Edward Hopper. Is crying with emotion.
Well, after three intense days in Madrid, it was time to go home. With great effort, I packed my bags and set off toward Brazil. Now, here I am, sitting in my chair already work.
But, before we get back to the normal routine of posts and looks of the day, I wanted to thank all the other people who were so kind and sent me invaluable travel tips. This is why I love this space here. A place for people to exchange information, help each other and move knowledge forward. Thank you very much indeed. You made my vacation, a much nicer experience!