Evangelical Fashion Women 2016: Photos, Looks, Models

Walking in fashion is not an easy task. When you are upgrading the closet, comes another trend, new shows, visual bets from fashionistas renowned middle and everything changes. The best way to follow is to stay on the delay in trends when they are still coming, when stores are organizing the work with window dressers. The sooner you start thinking about the best shopping, so we have some early hints of what will be on the agenda in the evangelical fashion 2016.
Models for the Evangelical Fashion 2016

  • Pencil skirt– she never ceased to be a trend, already part of the basic parts of the guard female clothing. But in recent years it has been losing space for draping and now back with everything in solid colors to match everything. It can range from basic black to the more cheerful colorful trendy summer 2016 as red, orange and green. Though well – made ​​sound, it is not a very democratic part. When fair too, tight, let the wider hip and so the fashion users plus size in 2016 should be very careful when buying. Select models up close to the knee if you have hip thick and thin calf or will not stay cool.
  • Dress pierced– despite being a super sexy piece, there are beautiful models super well behaved for the evangelical fashion. Everything is a matter of selecting the right neckline. It should be open in V but with caution, always getting louder and almost straight. The front opening allows mark the waist and enhance the body and long sleeves is a great model for important celebrations and events. Both the model long as the shortest are fashionable and match different body types.
  • Suit and short skirt – the combination is part of the executive fashion style and goes very well in the workplace and more formal events. The tip is to opt for models pantsuit that allow the use of a front slit to help make the most modern part and not so corporate. Choose the inner blouse an accent color to lighten the visual and loose, especially if you have shoes with thin heels that add enough to look. Forget any Draped and other accessory with many details that matches it.

Accessories for Evangelical Fashion 2016
Now the jewels are smaller. The more discreet for your earring, better! The minimalist fashion accessories entered once, with shoes without many details, some shine and always closed. The pearl earrings or something similar with small stones again the scene in the good old basic style of dress and feel good without many props.
You can invest in shoes and black sandals with straps and little more discreet, ensuring use in any fashion 2016. Even the boots were most charming and not too bright metallized, fashion last year. Handbags are requested of time, and the smaller better.
Colors for Evangelical Fashion 2016
Despite the black and white being the most wanted and expected double for the next season, but may invest in stamping. First listing that comes out of fashion are all the neon, the animal prints print and flowers with different colors. Two or three tones and smaller, more minimalist and discreet designs is what you will find in most windows. The green and blue colors are solid bet next year to the warm seasons and get back to basics with gray soft glow or purple tones in the most closed for the winter.
What did you think of the trends in evangelical fashion looks in 2016? Review!