Elegant Wedding Outfits for Guests

With the beautiful weather, the wedding for weddings and therefore the Wedding guest appearance is fast approaching and dissolves when one or other invitees veritable shopping panic. However, it has also not easy, you want to on the one hand adequately tightened his, but then not go down in a shapeless sack of potatoes. As quickly ask questions: How chic or casual, it may be as a wedding guest, what color suits me, what interface is advantageous and ever-what is allowed?

For this advance a few tips so that you laid face up to the festive season (and -shoppen) can: Absolute Nogos are the colors white, champagne and cream as well as short dresses to low-cut and basically everything that the bride steals the show. Contrary to previous opinion, one should not wear red or black, it is noisy etiquette and style expert Susanne Helbach-Grosser now but possible to choose a black dress with friendly color accents and a red, if the cut is simple and not too sexy (in but doubt check with the bride!).
Adé problem zone, hello Mirdochegalzone: For all the girls who have to deal with one or another region of the body, we have this elegant and advantageous Looks compiled with whom ye stylish and carefree enjoy the evening.


Who has she been, the 90-60-90 Victoria Secret model dimensions? Girls, topless built narrow, but from the waist down Kim Kardashian make competition can, a sweeping hip or thigh stronger perfectly with flared dresses conceal. Also jumpsuits or pantsuits in culotte-style with wide legs cheat equal some numbers slimmer.


If you want to hide a little tummy (and who would not), reach for loosely falling Hängerchen or empire cuts that expire downwards far and even sitting hide a small food baby. Flounces or winding designsdirect addition of the Problemzönchen from and let us all evening unencumbered arms and legs whirling dance without move the belly.


Whom no hourglass figure is permitted, may be with these models ruckzuck a waist securing, on the even Betty Boop would envy. Narrow belt loops or refined set draping stage your midsection ball and give the fly a feminine silhouette.


Girls, whom God (or the beauty Doc) paid no atomic stem, can with a few tricks a charming décolleté forms: ruffles, draping, ruffles and similar aufbauschende elements in the chest area see not only decorative, but rather magic at your fingertips a cup size more.
So girls access, and feel good-with these beautiful styles for every figure something there! And besides, who all evening chewing stays away from the buffet in the celery, missed life. So.