Either a Ti Te Comes out Well Operation Bikini? Sign Up for Our The a, Which Always Comes out Well (Although Not Miss Kg)

Or diets Spartan, nor plans to bizarre exercises, nor large investments in treatments, creams at close range and several miracles… The most important thing you have to do to get ready for the beach season is learning how to properly disconnect and get back in shape (mental) to enjoy it to the fullest.

It is difficult to reach this time of year and not mug you some acquaintance with the diet you need to follow, the sport that you have to practice or cream that you should use If you want to be ready to go to the beach.

What is the operation Bikini?

As you know, is the purpose of amendment that millions of people on the planet carried out the months (weeks, in many cases) prior to the holidays and that you have as main goal staying Super death. But for me, the operation Bikini is rather a ratchet to give me since March to push all the possible remedies for months to look great for a single week. It makes no sense, truth.

In general, I have spent years questioning me the true objectives of the operation Bikini as it is now mounted. In addition, I have the impression not only that is compulsory but also completely useless. If at this point in the year, we have not practiced sport or diet we have to remove all liquids and fats that we left over, nor is it that we are going to solve much in a few days. I am of the opinion that consistency is the key and that neither echarte creams galore a few weeks before planting you in the arena will serve for much.

It is high season in gyms and beauty around the world centres, television out many girls great telling us that we can be just as great as them if we use such and which… and what happens: all fall victims of the operation Bikini. And we try to run, even though we know that we will not get anywhere.

But… what should be really Operación Bikini?

But I was this year I refuse in resounding to immolate me eating tasteless things, sweating fat drop by the Park in my neighborhood or investing my mortgage in treatments that basically just deleted me 14 centimeters of contour (in set of whole body!). I did that last year and the previous one and the other and the other (come on, since I am seventeen years old) and all I got was to reach the beach stressed, languid, made a piltrafa and without money in pockets.

So this year I have decided that the operation Bikini will be very different to which advise us from the ads and the media. Instead of dieting galore, “tuti” exercise and spread me creams, I intend to make another type of preparation:

1.-instead of obsessing over me with losing kilos which I have accumulated since Christmas and Easter, go to focus on get rid of all the stress I’ve been carrying since the beginning of year.

2.-instead of sports to sweat drop fat, go to practice relaxation, the “ommmmhhh” and anything that I get ready for the mental state that requires the beach.

3. If I can not get rid of cellulite nothing happens. Much better try to get rid of the bad rolls and not take them on vacation.

4. less miracle creams and more investing in sunscreens that protect our health, that of our skin, the most delicate part of the face and neck and specific products for hair.

5 unique beauty treatments that I am going to submit me are those who make me feel good: a good manicure and a pedicure, a pair of exfoliating massage, a self-tanning… and anything that will help me to get me out.

In this way I’ll be at the beach completely in the form and prepared to fully enjoy the holidays, without stress, without pressures and, of course, without subjecting me to impossible operations that basically does not lead me to nowhere.

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