Eight Tips: Get Out of the Obvious in Wall Decorating

Nowadays, fabrics, mirrors and shelves are on the list of most used by decorators to decorate the walls.
It was the time when hanging a simple picture on the wall was synonymous with “original decoration”.
Fabrics, mirrors and bookshelves are currently on the list of items most used by decorators to decorate walls.
A hanging object can change any decoration of the environment. In a beach house, for example, ornaments with symbols of objects of the sea give an air of coast.
Already in the field, a flowery wallpaper and coat racks can give the idea of ​​cozy home.
The Journal ZAP Real Estate separated eight ideas to help you leave the wall with your face:

  1. Mirror, mirror of mine: inaddition to increasing the environment, the mirrors value the lighting and improve the astral. Use them in environments such as the entrance hall and dining room and abuse the sizes.
  2. Stickers in the right measure:Not so big, not so small. Wall stickers are the new fashion in decoration. Relatively inexpensive and easy to apply, they can be used in bedrooms, office rooms and any other environment. The colors, designs and formats are the customer’s responsibility.
  3. Paint the 7:Designers are increasingly required to ‘paint the 7’ in homes. Choose a design and hire a professional to play it in your home. Or let you create and enjoy the art!
  4. The old wallpaper:Yes, the wallpaper is still fashionable. Choose a nice print and do not be afraid to use it. One tip is to choose basic designs and smooth shades so you do not risk being seasick.
  5. Woven fabrics:With velvety textures and shades, the fabrics help give an air of warmth and modernity. Use them in bedrooms, living rooms and hallways.
  6. Shelves, useful and decorative: A wall full of shelves can help you in organizing and, of breaking, in designing environments. Among books, CDs and DVDs, place decorative objects and make them stand out.
  7. Mix of pictures:Join a lot of comics. Hang them together on one wall, and that’s it! You have created a cheap and modern décor.
  8. Dishes and other objects:Surrender to the Portuguese style. Choose colorful and colorful dishes and hang them on the wall. Kitchen and pantry are the most suitable environments for this decoration. Hanging other objects is also allowed! Abuse of your imagination.