Edc Useful Things for Every Day

EDC is an increasingly common practice. A lot of people already do this without even knowing he has a name.
Your keys, cell phone, documents, cash, credit card, are things that we already took every day. For women it is even more common.
Woman’s purse has everything: hairbrushes, lipstick, mascara, deodorant, paper agenda (even with the agenda of mobile), absorbent, mints, chocolate, moistened wipes, alcohol gel, water, umbrella, and more.
We all have to carry things that are useful in daily life, so the culture of the EDC has increasingly supporters. The most advanced in technique can carry a lot, not only for a common need, but in some cases for emergency situations, such as dust mask, potassium iodide tablets to radioactive contamination, canvas to build a shelter emergency in urban environment, water filter and the most varied combinations of equipment for a possible “Zombie Attack”.
After some research, among many suggestions of EDC’s on the internet, currently carry daily some items that are part of my daily activities, or an emergency.
Follow my EDC kit Description:
1. Wallet Victorinox. Tough, already has more than 1 year of use and does not show any wear marks.
2. Lockpick Kit. On a few occasions I’ve had to open the door of my house because the key was inside.
3. watertight Tube brand “EDC Gear.” Made of aluminium and painted in Orange for easy viewing. Is used to store safely and waterproof the following items:
“Band-AIDS” Nexcare brand (3 m) water resistant
Cotton swabs
Small nail file
4 Clor.in tablets to purify 1 l of water each
Small sewing kit
Two cotton balls
Lockpick Kit

  1. Flashlight Fenix HL 10.This small flashlight comes with a bracket to be used as a flashlight via EquZhou, but can be used separately.Has your lens in a 90 degree angle with respect to the body. Only uses one AAA battery but still emits a beam of light with respectable 50 Lumens. More economical mode emits about 3 Lumens and has autonomy of up to 30 hours.
  1. Bic Mini with “Duct Tape” on your back.I believe that it is not necessary to explain the function of a light however the tape has thousands of uses in daily life.
  2. Cell phone with various everyday applications like: email, GPS, Internet browser, MP3 player, camera, video camera, Facebook, Zap Zap (WhatsApp).This phone model is also water-resistant and can even be submerged in 1 meter of water.Your battery has a range of up to 1 week with little use or about two whole days in normal use.
  3. Watch: Bussola, altimeter, barometer, Thermometer, Chronograph and even shows the hours.
  4. multi-function army knife Leatherman Wave.This magnificent tool is very useful on a daily basis, has many uses such as: fine tip pliers, cutting pliers, wire stripper, flat Blade, serrated Blade, File, scissors, saw, Screwdriver, screwdriver average average micro Phillips screwdriver, screwdriverMicro (great for tightening eyeglass screw), can opener, bottle opener, 8-inch ruler, ruler of 20 cm.
  5. survival bracelet with: about 5 meters of cordelete parachute that supports up to 150 kg has also an emergency whistle on the buckle and even a small Flint of magnesium to light a fire.

Now that you already know all the stuff that loads can be arranged in an EDC believe there’s no more reason to stay out.