EA Predicts That Tablets Will Match Potential to Consoles in 2018

In recent years we have witnessed of a dramatic increase in the power of smartphones and tablets, and have more than one thought at one time that would come the day that these devices offer us so much graphical power as which can be found in the latest generation consoles.
Blake Jorgensen, the director of Finance of Electronic Arts, is also of those who think this, and speaking to GameSpot said that it believes that This type of power will reach tablets in 3 or 4 years, around 2018, opening the door to exclusive games of the same quality as those we see today in our 4 PlayStation or XBox One.
Jorgensen has also admitted that in EA, one of the I major publishers of video games in the world, are closely following this evolution in search of power merge the video game consoles and tablet models to offer games that we can play not only in our showroom, but also while we are in our room, travel, or at the bus stop.
These statements come just after that Tablet sales fall for the first time raising all kinds of rumors, and seem to make it clear that the world of video games companies have still betting big on the concept of tablets, predicting a bright future for them.

Several aspects to take into account

These statements give good forecasts that Engadget brothers made in an article where he is after studying evolution that we were seeing in the Nexus and Galaxy S ranges, came to the conclusion that we would see some mobile they reach the XBox 360 during the year 2017.
And is that to get a mobile power of a game console, it is not sufficient to improve components such as your processor or your amount of RAM or internal, since other aspects come into play as the architecture of processors, FLOPS or operating systems.