E-Plus: Test Runs With O2-LTE

O2 and E-Plus are now working under one roof and putting their networks together. The former E-Plus customer service is also being updated and informed about the conversion of its contracts to o2. Of course everything remains the same. Nobody has to pay more by the conversion than he did before. And yet the former customers of E-Plus will soon benefit from the quality of the o2 network. Already in isolated areas first tests run, in which the LTE network of o2 is also usable for E-Plus customers.

The merger of both networks will be completed by summer. From this point onwards the E-Plus customers at that time can use the full quality of o2 LTE for themselves and use high-speed surfing.Conversely, the same principle applies, of course. The national roaming leaves 4G LTE so far missing. But in microedu the connection already works, as Teltarif reports.

O2-LTE For BASE Customers In Cologne

For example, the Cologne area is one of those test regions where BASE customers can already use the LTE network of o2. So far this network of networks is still a one-sided story. O2 customers currently have no access to the network of E-Plus. But that should change soon. Since this is a fluent process, however, there may be new messages every day. So if you are in Cologne and can access the BASE network with your o2 SIM, click into the buttons and tell us about it.

The national roaming has brought some problems with them in recent years. The constant switching between the nets, when traveling, sucks not only on the battery, but also leaves the data connection extremely unstable. The providers would also like to work in the near future. Stable and fast connections for all are the high goal that we can look forward to within the next few years.

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