Dutch Footballer in Turkey

Football is a sport that is very much alive in Turkey. Even Dutch footballers are increasingly choosing this country to continue their careers. How many Dutch players play in Turkey? Who was the first Dutchman, who played for a Turkish football club?Interesting issues where not one, two, three will know the answer to.

  • List of Dutch football in Turkey
  •  Galatasaray
  • Fenerbahce

List of Dutch football in Turkey

Below you will find an overview of Dutch footballers who have played football or soccer in Turkey. Some of them have played for more than a Turkish club. It is noteworthy that many Turkish-Dutch footballers are on the list.


Presumably, the summer of 1991 one of the most unusual summers Frank Berghuis experienced. Berghuis was the first Dutchman ever to play for a Turkish club. Galatasaray, however, gave up two-year contract. This was probably due to the limit on foreign players. The club had to settle for a Turkish passport Berghuis. As footballers Turkish language is not checked, but this was not possible.
Ulrich van Gobbel 1996 was therefore the first Dutchman who played for Galatasaray. He was not the first Dutch player in Turkish football league. It was Lodewijk Roembiak who played for Antalyaspor.
Ulrich van Gobbel was followed by Frank de Boer, Nordin Amrabat and Wesley Sneijder. Sneijder and his wife Yolanthe Cabau is very popular in Turkey. Even Amsterdam Ferdi Elmas, who is the son of a Turkish father and a Dutch mother, has played for a while Galatasaray.


The Turkish club Fenerbahçe seems to be a godsend for career Dutch football player. Pierre van Hooijdonk made his first league title with Fenerbahçe in 2004. In his second season with the Turkish club, he won the championship.Dirk Kuyt who lack title deeds had on his list was the 2014 champion with Fenerbahçe.