Duke Nukem 3D Reach Android Inside Little to Distribute Cane

The landing of the classics seems to be fashionable in Android. Last month we saw how R-Type saw the light in this system and yesterday we did echo of the future release of a remake of Leisure Suit Larry, and today he has us to speak dthe most badass blonde of the world of video games: Duke Nukem.
After a recent and controversial stint for PC and next generation consoles, Duke decides to try his luck in Android with un title winner and acclaimed by fans: Duke Nukem 3D. Currently there is a specific departure date and we must comply with the already known “soon”.
For open mouth we see videos of the iOS version to get an idea of what awaits us. In principle the touch-sensitive controls seem low precision and a little cumbersome, as you can see in the videos that are on the network, but it better will be judge by ourselves when the game comes out in the Android Market.