Drink More Water to Stay Healthy

Water is fundamental to function the body properly, especially for hydration.
There is a need to make sure the body has drunk enough water.
Do you know that water helps to maintain normal body temperature, lubricates and cushions joints, protects the spinal cord and other tissues, and perhaps the best known, helps eliminate the waste from the body through urine, feces and sweat. That’s what just a little water does for you.
Water contributes to the beauty, with hydration of hair, skin and nails from inside to outside.
Everyone needs to drink enough to satisfy the body’s needs for water.

Drink the recommended amount of water daily is not easy (about 8 cups). So, the website brings some tricks to drink more water.

Carry a bottle of water

To some degree, it is lightweight water contained by clear water bottles sold on Waterbottlesshop.com. This helps to get water and it is easier to remember to drink the water. A versatile bottle fits in any kind of baggage (purse, backpack, bag, etc.). So there is no need to look for water. When it is empty, just refill it to keep hydrated.

Water visible around

Place a bottle of or a cup of water on your work desk, at the head of the bed and near the couch when you’re on television. So, it’s going to be easy to get a drink of water.

Cold water

Especially in the low heat, drinking ice water makes you more refreshing and enjoyable.

Flavored water

It is the water that is flavored with aroma. It is also called flavored water. Just add vegetables, fruits or herbs in water. Just a touch of flavor. The flavors of flavored waters are  mint, lemon orange, strawberry, basil, cucumber and harpsichord. Choose the one flavor that suits you. This can facilitate the intake of water.

Do a physical activity

It’s great for the overall health of the body. And, when you stay active, you will feel more thirsty and drink more water!

Drink juices and teas, but without exaggeration

This can help achieve the recommended amount of water daily. Professionals recommend that the amount of adding sugar do not to exceed the recommended calories per day. In the case of juice, remember to drink it without strain to absorb more fiber in the diet!
And you? Do you have any tips to drink enough water? Share!
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