Dressing in a Large Chest Size

Contrary to what many small-breasted women believe, having a large breast size is not so easy or fabulous because it implies a series of conditions and discomforts with which to deal with daily.
Apart from the discomforts in cervical and back as a result of weight(you can read this post about it), when it comes to dressing also complicates the thing; Although for each problem there is a solution. Also to choose the clothes that will help you dissimulate the volume of your chest, if that is what you want.
The curves are topical thanks to the curvy phenomenon but for many women, having big breasts is a big problem everyday. If this is your case, here are a few tricks that will help you.

Choose A Suitable Bra

It is the first step to look good with your clothes. The bras can help you hide your breast but it is imperative that they be in your size and cup. Never wear a smaller bra because it will make you more chest than you have. Neither bigger because it will not hold you and your chest will move, it will fall and you will see more.
The bra must pick up the entire chest and be of great support to move as little as possible.
At this point we can bring you all our experience in bra fitting and even advise you the best model of bra for you according to what you like. We have all sizes and drinks up to the J in our shop. If you fancy you can see a selection of models of fasteners for large sizes of chest.

More Recommended Breast Necklines

We recommend V-shaped necklines but, be careful, not too pronounced so that you do not see the channelillo. This way you will avoid having to cover yourself or pull your shirt up every time you crouch.

Colors To Hide The Big Chest

Dark and smooth colors are the best choice to conceal large breasts as they produce a visual reducing effect. That does not mean that you can not wear cheerful or printed colors, of course not. In that case, you can use scarves to style over the shirt or blouse of color or embossed. We explain how to place them in the next point.
Small prints are not a problem either.
Instead the wide horizontal stripes or the maxi prints will also maximize your chest.

Accessories That Hide Large Breasts

Definitely NO to long necklaces. The short necklace necklaces focus attention above, which benefits you
As we mentioned before the scarves can be an indispensable ally to disguise the big breasts. Make vertical shapes with them letting them drop to the waist.

No To Blouses About To Explode

Never wear a blouse or shirt that opens from the buttons. It is common for blouses of your body size not to fit your chest size. In this case it is better to wear them unbuttoned with a top underneath (not very tight or very low, which covers the channel). There are shirts on the market made with elastic fabric that can go better but if they still do not fit you, it is better to make them to measure or to do without this garment.

Attention To The Tissues

All the luscious tissues that stick to the body in excess will cause more chest to be seen. We recommend cotton, flax, silk and other falling tissues that do not stick to the body and will visually reduce the volume of the chest.

Clothing That Favors If You Have A Large Chest Size

The upper parts should be a bit loose and also a little long but without becomingoversize since, in this case, they will still give more sensation of volume in the chest area and the whole body in general.
On the other hand, the jackets and American ones that you put on you if they will fit you well and are a great resource to hide, like the vests (always in plain and neutral colors).
Do not wear short t-shirts, or garments that wear ruffles, draperies or beads in the chest area.
Ana Goitia, journalist, image consultant and fashion blogger. It has its own online store of large sizes and accessories for women and children. Click on the image to see your blog. Image of Divinity.es

Do Sport If You Have Large Breasts

To make sports comfortable without having to control your “girls”, it is best to have ananti-impact sports bra and extreme fastening because otherwise they will go to your air with the discomforts that this entails. Many clients have commented that going to the gym with a large breast size without a good bra was, apart from painful, exposed to a lot of looks, especially in rebounding exercises like aerobics, Zumba, steps, running…
We tell you that, in addition, the cervical and back are heavily loaded with rebounds in any size and cup and with more reason with a size and / or large cup. On the other hand, the rebounds force Cooper’s ligaments (which support the erect chest) and that accelerates the fall of the chest.
The sports bras Anita Active have everything so you can practice your favorite sport in complete comfort, support and breathability. In our online store you have a lot of models to choose from in a wide variety of sizes and cups. Besides you have an expert advice and personalized to make your purchase a success.
To dress and disguise your chest, we recommend t-shirts with a box neck, preferably in black. In this way the volume and the sweat are better concealed.
To end a smile, we leave the video of Instagram star Lindsey Pelas for Cosmopolitan where he speaks with much humor of the 11 problems of having a large size (and/or cup) chest. Have you seen how good the  Anita Active Momentum sports bra feels ?Although it seems to her that she does not like too much to take her “girls” so collected… Anyway, there has to be everything in this world… I’m sure you feel identified with some of their “problems”.
We hope this post has been helpful. If so, we thank you for sharing it with your friends and they sure do too.