Dresses to the Ankle

Dress code individual each person goes according to a style that pleases uses it to who, whether it be formal nothing better than a dress but also the has casual fun and fresh fabrics giving comfort and beauty to who use it, it is also the same lengths, ranging from short above the knee under it, to pull to the ankles, and others depending on the occasion and pass that point.
Localbusinessexplorer lists some rules you need to know to use it properly if opt for long dresses  since fashion was not for everyone:

  • If you have a meeting not always is the first choice, not by the fact that the dress well you to someone means you you you will be equal.
  • First that nothing and no desire to discriminate; But first and foremost is the sincerity, girls Petite when using this type of dresses all they do is belittle more, for them it would be better to use something a little more above the ankles.
  • The rellenitas or have excess pounds opted for entire colors, since prints will single you see even more overweight.
  • Similarly to those who have belly, best is hide it with a dress loose in the abdomen to the hedonistic style, no go with one wrap that will mark that both embarrasses you.
  • Long dresses should not necessarily drag, it is difficult to find measurement that adjusts to the body, the idea is not to show others and walk nor sweeping the ground, they are feet slightly, that height is good.
  • If these slightly complex by the bulky size of your bust might want to disguise it with a cardigan or shawl depending on the formality of the event, you could put a handkerchief or a vest also hippie style.
  • It is important to choose types of tissues to be used for every occasion, for example for the afternoons or summer nights fall well linen and fine fabrics. Those of organza, silk and more they will be reserved for occasions more special, make sure that lead lining to prevent transparencies.

Do Know That You Long Dress Going Well?

Tissues that favor are the chiffon, tulle and other smooth and with a hint of transparency, conceals from the waist down, are light and fresh and versatile and there are also models for formal events, as for every day.
What you must avoid is a crumpled tissue that sticks to your stomach and chest and it is wide at every moment, we must also think that they require special care, also pleats are intended to enhance either hip or chest, use them only if you want to highlight one in specific not both.
If the dress has some details like ties or narrowing makes the figure more thin; But if you add in addition a wider belt, this will shorten your figure.
Across the back, was dissimulated tummy and hips if it enhances the bust and vice versa, using a neckline, clear without busting of vulgar, a little moderate and good bye problem. If on the contrary you want to hide a large chest, use a neckline strapless ideal to make it look more small; but it is not recommended for girls have arms thick and wide, if not, you can choose another neck and play with necklaces, scarves or jackets and so achieve your goal.

How to Combine?

If you’re going to use during the day to use footwear flat or wedge, big bag, similarly the hairstyle will be relaxed can be a monkey or a collected, post earrings or small rings will go well, as regards accessories necklace of bright colors, use list!
If it is for day to use heels, portfolio type on metallic or shiny, details the jewels will be long and bright as a pair of earrings or a necklace rigid and metallic, loose hair. The shoes will be nude, clutch, long earrings, jacket or print scarf, for a formal event.
Your attitude will also be valid for the election of your dress, for example if you’re modest and slightly chilly will also use a long dress that sleeves to solve those problems, also if your shoulders are round look a long straples dress to wear it, if you don’t have that and your arms are chubby then a short sleeves will be perfect, as you can see, everything is solved models are suited for bodies not in reverse, understands this principle so your choice will be easier, and you know all the principles of using a long dress to her ankles, now leave you a few outfits to make you delights the view, no more to say to you I say no more to say to you, I wish you success in what you do, be happy , with me will be up to another opportunity. See you!!!