Download Paid: Radiohead Frontman Uses BitTorrent Bundle to Launch Album

BitTorrent Inc. wants to prove once and for all that the protocol that takes its name need not be synonymous with piracy. On Friday (26), the company launched one of the most promising projects BitTorrent Bundle service that provides download content fee (paywall): the album Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, Thom Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead.

Launched in 2013, BitTorrent Bundle allows the user to download one or the other free stuff, it all depends on available project. But to access the full content, one must pay.
This is the case with the work of Yorke. In Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, the audio file and the video of the song The Brain In A Bottle are available for free. Anyone who wants to have access to the entire album (seven tracks) should pay $ 6 credit card or PayPal.
The download is via BitTorrent technology, so there is no overload servers, for example. The amount of times the content can be downloaded also varies by project. In the case of album Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, the limit is two downloads. The files are DRM-free.
If the idea will succeed, still can not know, but it is undeniable that there is some potential here. In the case of Thom Yorke, BitTorrent Bundle is being tested as an alternative to low pay offered by record companies, distributors and service streaming. The amounts paid by these companies to the artists are one of the main complaints of the singer.
For the user, there is the convenience to benefit the artist’s work with legal downloads and reasonable prices. BitTorrent Inc. also wins: at least the album Yorke, the company gets 10% of each payment.
If you want to know the other projects that exploit the initiative, just visit the page of BitTorrent Bundle.