Do You Also You Cover Tattoos to Go to Work?

He began the job interview and at the end of show, he smiled and felt compelled to say «I suppose that you could remove the nose piercing to work». In another atmosphere somewhat less stale, a customer complained to the head because it seemed very distasteful to see every day that was going to market a dragon tattoo on the arm of the young fishmonger. It contextualizó that «these snakes» gave his wife much disgust. Not to mention hairstyle of Pablo Iglesias… the tail which is bringing and the redeemers are putting us.

Professional correction is based on erroneously unnoticed.

The value is in being neutral and keep under control your personality. We are a society that, without being Norwegians with an overwhelming sex appeal, we demand an aesthetic, not only acceptable but mandatory. An aesthetic that smells of small appliances from a department store Department. We have to dress like a person that we are not for job interviews, we have to cover tattoos, we buy clothes gray to go to office, gruesome pinstriped shirts (to see if we can be so) and flesh-colored panties.

There are many more companies that we imagine that they have a dress code on how to get dress to work manual. I’ve always imagined that document with the lapidary sentence of closure “Get what you want, but don’t be yourself”. Suits with shoulder pads of the 90, pink shirts and bright ties to them. Sheer dresses, skirts below the knee, American Navy Blue and white shirts fastened until the penultimate button for them. Means that those who go with the last wedding of his brother-in-law suit are more serious, more professional and more of everything. Also, are understood to be the army of clones azulesoscuroscasinegros collapsing afterworks much more intelligent and capable of the rest. Know you, no?

“With so much tattoo as you get to work and not you catch.” As I don’t want to take a job in which you judged for wearing tattoos.

They say that it is very important the attitude and above all, the image we project. But, who tells us that what is projected to be disguised with a suit jacket is the right thing? Why do to make me respect or success I have to wear heels that make me cry or tube skirts preventing me to sit like a normal person? What would happen if we were less idiots in general and more sensible in particular? Really tattoos (for example) still are associated with uncontrolled rebellion and a season behind bars? We see too many series.

I wonder what would happen if we just juzgásemos the substance and not form. Or if our personality was seen as a runaway lion that there is no need for cage.

Images: Photographic clones of Daisuke Takakura, Fuck Fear

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