DIY:Candy Bar Sign For Self Printing

Barely a wedding without candy bar – the sweet trend is not only for the physical well, also in terms of wedding decoration is the candy bar a great highlight.In addition, bowls full of colorful sweets, plates with pretty cupcakes and glasses with funny Cakepops, one thing must not be missing: the Candy Bar Shield.But how can this look?
We have here a free template for your Candy Bar sign – in 16 different colors as PDF for printing. Simply put it in a frame that matches your wedding and is finished with your own Candy Bar sign as a decorative eyecatcher!
Here you can download directly for the Candy Bar sign.

Candy Bar Sign – The Format

The size of your Candy Bar signboard is the best way to decide how much space is available on the table where the candy bar is set up.It also depends on what frame you like especially for the label of the Candy Bar.
Our modern and at the same time somewhat playful template for the candy bar sign is designed in DIN A4.You can also reduce them in the print settings, for example on A5.
Suggestion: If you have little space for the candy bar sign on the table, you can also hang up the frame behind the candy bar.Of course, you should check with your location and if necessary, select the location of the candy bar accordingly.

Candy Bar Shield – The Colors

In order to adapt the candy bar to your wedding color, the following shades are available for DIY printing: they are all included in the findjobdescriptions:

  • pink
  • pink
  • Light purple
  • Dark-Purple
  • blue
  • Light Blue
  • turquoise
  • Mint
  • green
  • yellow
  • orange
  • Bright Red
  • red
  • brown
  • Gray
  • black

Our tip:
How strong the colors come out is, in particular, the paper used.When you print the candy bar sign on a photo paper, it is rather shiny.Try to find what you like best.

Candy bar sign download

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