DIY Home Slippers

We have just the corner around father’s day, today I bring you a very easy tutorial so you can make the father’s day gift.
Let’s make some slippers at home for father’s day.
Materials needed:
-Naturtelas ball fabric
-Fabric of zorritos
-Old pants, denim, I have used some that were small children.
-Thick padding.
-scissors, thread, measuring tape, needles, pins, marker.
In terms of balls and naturtelas zorritos fabrics, I bought 30 cm of each, to make these shoes and anything else you teach to make next week.
You can download the pattern by clicking here in PDF
First download the pattern and cut it, to then move to cut four pieces of denim from the part of the sole pattern.
4 pieces of fabric balls, for the upper part and the other 4 pieces of fabric of zorritos. In the pattern I have put each piece of fabric is cut.
Also cut two pieces in wadding fabric sole.
What we do now will be joining fabric balls and those of zorritos, in four parts, sew to machine and we iron, then join two of these pieces for the top and staying with two parts only, but will be top of our shoe and in this way it will have equal inside the shoe than outside.
Once finished up parts we are going to join a working party, taking into account that fabric balls and zorritos is bigger because there we have to get the foot. First join it very well with pins, if necessary we went baste and then spend to machine stitch as well as a zig-zag around the edge.
Now we can only end the sole. Now we put on the table the pieces that we have together, folding well top inside to avoid pinching it when sewing the rest, with the right facing up, up put the other part Cowgirl, putting right and we are going to sew the reverse side and on top of this, we put the wadding. (Does not do it as I in the center of all poque to turn the shoe will stay out.) Once properly positioned and subject with pins very well, even with spin to hold more sew a stitch and one zig-zag all around, except for a piece that we leave to go round, about 4 centimeters side inside of the shoe.
With this, we will have the finished shoes, only to turn and press, and ready to give.
I hope that tutorial, liked it is very easy to make and the result is fantastic, I hope to see your work by nets if you urge them. We would love to see them!
I leave the video from my youtube channel to make simpler step by step, and you can visit to read more on this topic.