DIY Halloween: Last-minute Ideas for Dressing up

Halloween is approaching and, as every year, I’m totally out of ideas… so I spent the weekend looking for some inspiration on the web (and Pinterest) to try some interesting disguise to quickly and inexpensively!
Excluding the witch look, ghost, zombie and mummy, I tried some ideas a bit ‘more original and I must say that in the end something nice I found it!


To clothe from mad doctor you just a hospital gown (you can keep it free of red blood, tear or stain), a lot ‘of hair gel to give a nice effect “I do not wash for a month”, a transparent overlay for welders ( you can mess just like the shirts) and a nice bottle of pills in her hand or even an entire backpack crammed with tablets and medicines!

Another nice idea is to dress as a goddess Medusa in this case you can just wear a white wedding dress Greek goddess with golden accessories and add to the hair (preferably in a bun or a braid) many small and colorful worms!


Carina is also the idea of ​​dressing up as a ghost with the help of a transparent or white umbrella on which you can draw or attach two large eyes and all the tentacles (with toilet paper) … brrr
Also a cute headband with cat ears and lace veil wearing Flaviana of Dress Up for Armageddon, perfect for those who do not want to dress up and is looking for an extravagant accessory that quickly changes our look!


Beautiful even the idea of ​​dressing dinosaur sticking to a simple green hooded sweatshirt teeth and eyes, in this case you can make it more awesome helping with a ghoulish make-up!
Finally an idea very pretty and really fast is to dress up as minions of the film Despicable Me: to achieve the yellow head mono or bi-ocular you just a hat, a stapler, a roll of toilet paper, a black elastic and some stick black!
If you are looking for a super sexy disguise in line with the famous words of Mean Girls “… in the world of girls Halloween is the night when a girl can dress like a porn model and no one can say anything ….” I think I found something for you too!
Finally, if you want some ideas for the makeup do not miss today’s article in which I show you some ideas to be really terrifying, can be found HERE!