Disc Brakes for Racing Bikes

Gadgets: this year’s big news was disc brakes on the highway. We have tested, we have brooded, we have asked and we have carefully weighed every argument. Now, we share our fragmented perceptions with you in this red-hot issue.
After a long release time released the first crisp versions of Srams hydraulic disc brakes in spring 2013. And a little later dripped Shimano its contribution.
Recently won the first World Cup in cyclo-cross with disc brakes, and we at our site has spent a half-season with hydraulics along the roads. One thing is completely safe – discs is a hot issue that arouses strong emotions.
If the three different wheel sizes in mountain biking is a tough challenge for many bike shops and some brands, disc brake appearance on the road does not become less of a hassle. Soon, the UCI (International Cycling Federation) is likely to drop the ban on discs in competitions, and industry press.
To their assistance, they will, of course, to use the professional peloton. As it becomes very difficult for mechanics and service people if everyone has a different system will change in the peloton are likely to go fast and be definitely. Shimano and Sram can serve the sport today with ready-made solutions. Worse, it is with Campagnolo who by no means is ready to launch the discs. But they acknowledge that the hydraulics and slices at least are on the drawing board.
– No earlier than 2016 there will be disc brakes with our name on it, “says Valentino Campagnolo.
The UCI would get the idea to quickly approve disc brakes will speed up its Campagnolo having to process. Because they, like Shimano, power-operated switches, there is plenty of space in the brake handle to stop the oil. And it will be in a hurry is the most likely scenario is that Campagnolo gears up its collaboration with the brake manufacturer Formula, and they together inside an approved system. Colnago C59 was actually the first real production cycle to offer disc brakes, where the Formula did the heavy lifting by integrating Campagnolos electronics in the brake handles.
The UCI confirmed that the issue of disc brakes in competitions is on their tables. But they see some challenges and problems before they are ready to press the green light.
– In comparison with the mountain bicycle is much higher speeds and longer brake time. This means much higher temperatures. We know that the brakes can do it, but carbon fibre frames can start delaminera already at 100 degrees, “said Matthieu Mottet which are technically responsible for UCI.
The UCI also sees a problem with the safety of the peloton if riders have different types of brakes, with their varying braking effect, and that this can lead to crashes when the peloton brakes. They also see a danger in the brake discs may damage the cyclists at masskrascher.
To manufacture frames where the epoxy can handle higher temperatures is a doddle. There are a plethora of carbon fiber products that can withstand extreme temperatures, such as silencer mounted in the exhaust manifold to car engines. The exhaust gas temperature from a gasoline engine may in some extreme cases be verging on four-digit
And that the difference in braking power between the different bikers would be a danger we are depreciated. Already today there are the difference, where no problems going to brake away even on a country road bicycle if you choose the wrong brake pads in relation to weather and material of the rims. It is not as often happens in the pro peloton, but it happens. However, we can see that such a risk situation may occur in a large cluster on bike race when the weather is bad and the spread between cyclists and the material is great. It would hurt to get a brake disc in his back in the event of a mass crash is far-fetched.
Which makes it considerably more evil to be perforated by a 53-to framklinga. However, we can see a risk if the pro peloton goes into reverse after a joint drive to perform a mountain. When is 280 red hot pans and crammed with 140 cyclists in a big pile on the road. Solution-a on the problem is likely on the discs in the composite in order to keep down the heat. Or a shelter made of light metal or composite which prevents the red-hot brake disc may come into contact with bare skin.

Big change with little difference

Today’s rim brakes have a braking effect that both hands and gets over in most situations.The big difference with disc brakes mainly occurs in long descents, combined with bad weather. The former is rare in Sweden, but the latter is the more common. Otherwise, the largest being felt the difference price and weight, both of which are higher with disc brakes. Thus a deterioration in a double sense.
Another difference is the sound. Even if RIM brakes can sometimes let ill-it is much more common with cacophonous records. Some sports drink or oil spray is enough for them to begin to howl. And disc brakes sometimes have the ability to “spökbromsa” – that little scratch every now and then. For Swedish cyclists who mostly stay along the Swedish highways, it is difficult to entirely appoint disc brakes as a winner in the braking duel.
Internal routing of brake hose does look a little prettier. We think.
But if you’re willing to run the road cycling at a cyclo-cross is a score in that use the same bike for both purposes simply by replacing the wheels or tyres – and then get more space in the garage (perhaps for the benefit of a fatbike). Now is not the geometry exactly the same in the two bicycle types, but if you’re not competing at the elite level, you can easily run the asphalt with a cyclo-cross.
Already today, you can actually do so, but then you are forced to put up with bad cantileverbromsar-and a look that is aesthetically forbidden on the road. At least if you ask me. But if you ask my colleague Åsa so parts she doesn’t believe. Instead, she thinks that the disc brakes on a road bike is not particularly theatrical. I like the look depends mostly on that I am extremely weak for motor sport in all forms. For me, the disc brakes racing.Think Casey Stoner in Motogp with RIM brakes, …
An additional audience for disc brakes is “joy riders”–those who actually thrive on the road, but who like to SIP on some dirt roads to increase the variety and avoid traffic. And sometimes also can treat themselves to a scratch along a nice path or jogging track. For the riders needed more comfort – something that most easily achieved by tyres with larger volume, preferably 35-40 millimeters. It fixes not regular road bikes. Niner and Volagi are two brands that hard drives the development of explorebiking – something we believe could be the next boom.

Noise and heat

We have tested both Shimano and Srams system among American and Italian mountains, along the Swedish roads and in bad weather. In short, we can say that everything we believed earlier only has been confirmed. The braking effect between Sram and Shimano are equivalent and feeling as well.
SRAM-sliders have common shifters for the wire. This means that they are larger, a bit bulkigare, especially at altitude. Not so nice, we think. Shimano Ultegra sliders, model, only has electronic shifter. This means that the size is not so different from their usual handles.Stylish and sleeker than its competitor, we think.
What we don’t like about Shimano-sliders are sound when driving in bumpy terrain. Rome Granfondo began with five kilometres of cobblestones. During that stretch, it was several cyclists, including myself, who believed something was broken and set loose. There is little left to work on. And Shimano just offers hydraulic controls for elväxlar is a little strange. Those running cyclo-cross at the right level, or cycle to and from work usually prefer vajerstyrda switches. The same goes for touring cyklister.
Our Sram-equipped Specialized Roubaix had to undergo a trial by fire when we recognized after a truck with constant-working rear brake between Breckenridge and Frisco-a distance of approximately 20 kilometres. So you should not do. That’s why we did it. “we wanted to provoke the brakes in order to see what was burning up first. However Mike Sinyard got back his red-hot bike, without any visible defects. Or by the way, it was actually a sticker at bakgaffeln, near the yoke, which curled up by heat-stroke. One of Specializeds mechanic thought it was weird – and we agreed we had just run as usual. Almost.

Calibrate more!

Right now it’s a lot of talk about how the calibration of the braking effect should be standardized in order to cover different tyre dimensions and weight of the cyclists. In theory, the difference is significant if a cyclist weighing 60 or 120 kilograms, or about to use 21 or 35 mm wide tires.
But I think this whole discussion is greatly exaggerated. The big advantage with hydraulic disc brakes, of good quality, is that you can always rely on the same finger force stops your cycle, regardless of the weather, speed and temperature. The calibration takes care of the cyclist himself by simply getting used to with how much finger force needed to slow down enough.
We have also tested the different dimensions of tyres in different weather. It is certainly a difference in grip against the surface (and thus the required brake force), but it’s negligible. Even with 8-piston calipers and dual discs, it would be very difficult to slow down enough for a road bike with disc brakes.
If one boils down our common perception of disc brakes, we split – but cautiously positive.The disc brakes are the future, there is much that speaks for. The industry wants to sell new – it is a very strong argument. But there are pros and cons in all aspects.
Only on our own editorial staff differs our notions of good and bad, beautiful and ugly. And we will allow us to disagree a little longer. And we think the rest of the cycling world will also spreta in their view of things. It should in any case be very exciting to follow the development.

So like the pros

Emma Johansson, ORICA-AIS
“I have not thought so much of the disc brakes than when I am satisfied with the brakes I use today. And before I really am do I need to test first. It’s really just a combination of bad weather and kolfiberfälgar which can be a problem with RIM brakes – but if the road is wet and to use disc brakes can still do not fully utilise the braking force. The disc brakes are heavier. If the pros will use disc brakes or not depends mostly on what the sponsors are. They have great influence and wants riders to use disc brakes then so be it.
Fredrik Kessiakoff, ASTANA
– When the V-brakes, would replace the cantilever bromsarna in mountain biking, many people at first were skeptical. Same thing when the V-brakes were replaced by disc brakes. And I think road cyclists generally are more conservative, so it can probably be some time before it struck through in full. Personally, I am positive. To plunge carries out mountain in bad weather and know that a finger is enough to cycle should stay gold is worth. I’m ready to go right now!
Gustav Larsson, IAM
“The first thing that happens when a crash is that you get a red-hot disc in the calf – it’s certainly nothing I look forward to. I think disc brakes, as they look today, may cause more problems than it solves in the pro peloton.
Henrik van Ingelandt, LANDSLAGSMEKANIKER
– As a mechanic to the athletes, I see no obstacles or problems with disc brakes. Personally I think that they’re ugly and completely unnecessary for most people. And I actually think that it will be difficult for consumers to really know what’s best for themselves. The industry will unashamedly and unabashedly talking warm about it, which can lead to increased sales.
“My advice is that you are trying to answer what is important between appearance, function, weight and price before you turn to and possibly change. Don’t let the Pro’s choice guide your choice. Just because a cyclist WINS on a particular product doesn’t mean it’s the best.
But the options then?
Mechanical disc brakes have been around for years and the best models works really decent. But the big advantage of hydraulics is efficiency and feeling – two characteristics that mechanical disc brakes with cable will never be able to match.
There are also some variants where one mixed wire with hydraulics. Either occurs over time on the road between the brake levers. Examples of this are LabsAdapter 324 or Hope V-Twin Converter. Then there is also a variant where the transition occurs in the caliper. Examples of this are American TRP’s model HY/RD; it is a system we have not tested but that teach work well.
The consensus is that if you want to have full joy and advantage of disc brakes, the hydraulics all the way – from handle to brake.

But the feeling then?

A right aligned mode with new cables and housings have a very comfortable feeling, with a light spring resistance, until the bricks reach the rim. The same applies to disc brakes – both with wire and hydraulics.
But over time wear out the inside of the casing and the cable runs. Then degrades both the sense and braking power. Now it costs a few dollars to switch to fresh cables and housings, but with hydraulic disc brakes, you don’t think about that feeling decreases with time. And efficiency with hydraulics is considerably better than cable.

But changing the wheels then?

For an experienced mechanic, it takes hardly any more time to change disc brake wheels compared to fälgbromshjul. And while it would take five seconds extra, it is no problem for the pros because they may pace back to the peloton again. And if you’re not chasing millimeters that extra couple of seconds less role playing if you were running the point, or for some reason you need to replace the wheel.

But the wind then?

American Culprit have made comparisons between the two bikes which show a worse aerodynamics for the skivbromsutrustade cycle. But still don’t have any extensive wind tunnel testing, or CFD (computational fluid dynamics) measurements have been made comparing different braking systems and also included the cyclist.
But we’re guessing that the figures and facts will soon pop up a bit here and there. “just as when the electrical switches, batteries and wires was a bit sloppy suspended the first years – but now are neatly tucked away – will the disc brakes to undergo the same process.
Hydraulic hoses can be drawn with much sharper bends without braking effect or feeling affected. One guess is that the wiring will soon be led directly into the handlebars, on through the stem and into the fork leg to come out right where the yoke.
Even the draw to rear brake with the right design can be hidden all the way from the handle to the yoke. Another guess is that the attachment of the yoke in the future will be integrated better looking in the context to provide a better aerodynamics, and the attachment of the pipe to the yoke does not come to this page, but to the city center. When this is done it will probably not aerodynamics to be worse on bikes with disc brakes.

But the weight then?

Disc brakes are heavier than rim brakes. For the pros, it is no problem because their bikes still may not weigh less than 6.8 kilograms. Then the wheels no longer need be used as braking surface, they can be made any easier, which means a lower rotating mass. Yoke, disc and fixing of the hub makes the skivbromsutrustade bikes weigh 2-300 grams more than the traditional rim brakes.
Whether that means anything to you, only you can answer based on your need for better brakes that must be balanced against the need for lower weight. Disc brakes requires stable wheel that can handle high torque, which means that solekrat is not recommended. That in turn means something worse aerodynamics and greater weight. For the discs to fit need distance between the hub flanges are reduced, see it as a triangle between ekrarnas attachment to the rim, and the two flanges that are less stable, leading to a somewhat weaker wheel.

But the maintenance?

If you do not get air in the system on a disc brake maintenance is minimal and that the switch chocks are not exactly simple to common rim brakes. But air disc brakes, however, is considerably more complicated than to Mecca with standard cables. At least if you are not a mechanic.

So, your next road racer or cykelcrosshoj be equipped with disc brakes? Feel free to comment below.