Dior So Real, The Sunglasses You Want To Have

They began to see themselves among the celebrities last spring and even the “Dior So Royal”sunglasses are still preferred by the celebrities.
Far from being a discreet and multi-purpose glasses as described in act-test-centers the “So Real” are striking and suitable for certain moments and tastes. Just as your style is more rock, classic or alternative, just take a look at the personalities who have seen them from Olivia Palermo, Rihanna or Eva Herzigova, but what have these sunglasses that have caught so much attention Between bloggers and VIP people?

The Dior So Real, step by step

In  Congafasdesol  we have followed the track to these super glasses and we have drawn our conclusions.
His design
Neither round nor oval are deconstructed! Or what is the same are sunglasseswith a unique architectural design in which the curved lines with the lines are mixed.
His style
Faithful to the Dior style, the Real Sunglasses retain the couture spirit or what is the same as high fashion. No doubt for your style you will not go unnoticed.
His mount
Sunglasses So Real are slight. They are made of black acetate sprinkled with black metal details. It has a bridge that leaves the mount in the air giving afuturistic look to the lens.
Its crystals
The lightness of its mount also reaches the crystals, semi-silver platedguarantee 100% UV protection…
Their colors
Las So Real can be found in a wide variety of colors , from basic black to pink through gray, blue and white.
How to carry them?
Like everything that gives life Dior is full of very sophisticated elegance. These sunglasses break with previous designs. Back we leave the conventional to give the yes I want the most breakthrough and why not! Avant-garde So Real sunglasses leave a trail wherever they pass at any time, at any time.So it looks already some VIPs like Olivia Palermo and Rihanna do you dare with them?
Its price
Much has been said about the price of Dior So Real sunglasses, some say that can not be a platonic love for the cost of these lenses but in our site you can find them with a discount of up to 35%.