Dining Room Decorating Ideas

What to take for a snack? And on hot? And if dessert is needed? Lovers of good food regularly have to make fateful decisions, and the breadth of their choice not to frighten.Therefore, the design dossier of the dining rooms, we do not recommend and do not impose-just show what are the options.


Most designers the question, what is most important in the interior of the dining room, are responsible: the interior is generally not important, the main thing-it’s a good company.Traditional surroundings with a lot of wooden parts without frills and frills in this sense perfect-provides comfort and does not interfere with chat. Plates on a wall or on a nearby book shelf might be a good complication to talk, but not much else. Naturally, there are also possible variations on the theme: white painted furniture or things in the American colonial style more appropriate anywhere in the country, and boiserie in the wall and crystal chandeliers with carpets more suitable for the city. Most neutral options also should not be afraid-the holiday spirit in them can always be set using the servings.


The dining chairs are the basis retroobraza great designers of the twentieth century. Then it all depends on how deep you’re ready to dive into history. For example, if to chairs Side Chair Design Ray and Charles Eames add low sideboards on thin legs and contemporary cabinets with sliding doors, the interior received a hair’s breadth as in the 1950s. A graphically model Standart Jean Prouvé as expressive as in the reinforcement does not need to-put those chairs in any surroundings, look interior will still be nostalgic. Although it is possible to confine light and retrokoloritom-for that perfect plywood Ant and Series 7 by Arne Jacobsen or metal chairs Harry Bertoyi.


Except when the dining room is needed for devices dinners and other semi-official activities, the decision to allocate a separate room for meals -a step quite extravagant. The unusual by today’s standards the solution is not a sin to stress in the same unusual design. This is much easier than it seems. A combination of stucco, modernist chairs and fancy chandeliers today is no surprise, but the “extras” of the mannequins in the room creates a truly bohemian atmosphere (at the same time solving the problem of walking very elegant toilets). Surreal image arose due to the extremely large size picture on the wall and successfully picked up her pandan tablecloths – all other things in this interior is quite traditional. But on the third photo we see a constructive solution – a busy, but fun. Here in the dining room has a built-in wardrobe with a mini-kitchen, which is conveniently tinkering light snacks and cocktails to interfere – in the case instead of sedate dinner hosts will want to make a more relaxed party.


The easiest way to give a room a grand view-to put things symmetrical. And what kind of furniture you have, classical or, for example, avant-garde design, it does not matter, the solemn atmosphere is guaranteed in any case. How to achieve the desired effect? First, it requires paired items, it is best to identical or at least very similar. Note that for this role are equally suitable and cabinets, and floor lamps, and olive trees in tubs, giving the interior a Tuscan flavor, although the apartment is in America. Do not forget about the architecture of the room: she was often asked to make a framework, it remains only to develop the idea. Second, to enhance the effect, emphasize the axis of symmetry. This can be a picture, a window and a lamp or just a bunch of flowers in the middle of the table. Third, a popular reception when all the chairs around the table are completely different, not appropriate here. But deliver excellent design chairs at opposite ends of the table-is another matter, it just contributes to ordering.

Dining Room-Kitchen

It is clear that for special occasions table in the kitchen is not nakroesh, but how often in your life there are such cases? The habit has the kitchen has a lot of excuses: cooking has long become a fashionable hobby, so the whole family is hanging out at the plate, square meters is not enough, and so we will not argue… The only question is how to properly arrange the move to the kitchen dining table. In a city in the interior of the case is usually a bar counter or island that separates the cooking area from the dining room. But outside the city can do to relax-and we’re going there to get away from all the city’s convention. The more that a simple wooden table you can always dress up using tablecloths and copper pots and open hearth long since become the prose of life in romance.


With the libraries in the modern world is the same story as with the dining room-they do not have enough space. Why fence bookshelves, if all this (and more) can be stored and read in electronic form? Who needs a table for twelve people, when it is possible to arrange a reception around the bar? Try not to succumb to provocations, which suits us modern life leads to the emergence of a strange hybrid-dining room-library. This compromise is found in the traditional interiors with separate rooms and modern, where the border between meals, reading room and adjacent areas may be quite conventional. But the most surprising, that the table with books along the walls come across even in suburban homes, where, apparently, the problems with the lack of footage should not be. It’s not in the economy, and the convenience of a table, followed by the evening gather friends and family, the day can be successfully used for the job.

Colourful Wall

Panoramic wallpaper with pictures that flow from wall to wall, Europeans invented in the XVIII century. They are drawn by hand and, as a rule, to order taking into account the size of the room. Topics they can be different: chinoiserie with strange animals, genre scenes from the life of the peoples of exotic or European landscapes. In any case, they are designed for the classic style and ceremonial in nature rooms. It is understood that about any pictures in such an active finish already out of the question (this wallpaper – picture of themselves), and block wall furniture general barbarism. Upholstery fabric walls of such ceremonies is not intended and is suitable for more intimate spaces. But if you use textiles with a cold eye-catching pattern, the visual effect is the same bright.

Dining With Herbs

Season with herbs can not only food, but also the interior, designed to absorb. The most popular among modern architects receptions- panoramic windows and sliding doors that turn an ordinary room into a terrace. The house pictured 4 glass seems to be not much, but because the windows are inserted frames without binding, and curtains not at all, it is a feeling that the boundary between “inside” and “outside” is missing, and the vegetation is about zapolzet room. Although, whatever spoke architects-modernists, the idea came up with the transparency they do not: if you remember the traditional houses, there is the best place for a summer feast-a glazed terrace or bay window.