Digital Camera Battery, Memory Card And Tripod

A few accessories and a few good reflexes to enjoy peacefully her digital camera. Useful to avoid without at the time of the shot of the century.
Provide a ‘bis solution’ for storage
Ever-increasing the capacity of memory cards. According to themotorcyclers, a card offering 2 gb of storage space to keep a thousand pictures of 2 mb, which is already comfortable. However, to not be held back by a full memory (which forces to erase pictures before taking new ones), it is good to take the lead.
The price of memory cards drops constantly. Have at disposal a second memory card is therefore more a luxury. Another possibility, carrying a device that allows to empty his card. This may be a laptop, but this solution becomes cumbersome fast. A hard drive with memory card reader fits inside his bag. There are around 130 euros for 80 gb of storage.
And a backup battery
A digital camera drains quite quickly. To avoid running out of battery, take with you a second copy loaded! Allow between 30 and 150 euros depending on the model of your camera.
As well as a tripod
In case of strong expansion or low light, for example, the device is very sensitive to the movements of the photographer, even barely perceptible. The photos are so inevitably and hopelessly blurred. A mini tripod allows you to limit the damage. Very affordable (a few tens of euros), this accessory is more light and compact.