Different Ways to Wear a Midi Skirt

For the fans of the style “lady like“, which has a more classic and romantic touch, midi skirts are not new. However, last year here, the piece became popular in the looks of the fashionistas, lavishing femininity and elegance. When it comes to current trends, midi skirt always appears as the subject tariff. The model is still super feminine, but in a more cool, being desire and, at the same time, generating doubts in many women.
Because they are exclusive pieces of women’s clothing, skirts are naturally female. Midi templates, in addition to add femininity to the look, can also increase any visual. The model is known for its length below the knee and vary widely in modeling, which can be fair, round, pleated …
Midi skirt usually enhance all body types, but better know a few ways to use it can reassure the woman and leave her more time to secure bet on trend. After all, in time to compose a look is essential security.
The pleated model has the Joker, because modeling stretches any silhouette, especially when has length just below the knee and is used with high heel. However, the midi skirt combinations are almost endless. We have assembled the most classy, to give you a “light” in time to use the play and set up their production.

Below, we suggest some combinations to make your life easier in time to assemble a look with midi skirts:

Midi Skirt + T-Shirt

Combine a piece stripped with other more elegant is the recipe to put together a look fashion and creative at the same time. The midi skirt combination with t-shirt is ideal for women who want to compose a visual cool with an air of femininity.
Like the t-shirt is a super casual to compose a more interesting look, bet on wovens, skirts of the lighter as the silks to natural linen and the more structured and jovial as the jeans.

Midi Skirt + Shirt

When making the choice to use a shirt combined with midi skirt, the result is a formal and rather sophisticated visual, ideal for working environments and events or get togethers.
The shirt is a formal part, especially if used in neutral colors and fabrics. When combined with a midi more dry, the shirts give a very elegant production. To break the formality, the trick is to change the blazer for a leather jacket to compose the look. Another way of letting the look more stripped is wearing a denim shirt.

Midi Skirt Fair + Cropped

The skirt is very similar to the South just pencil skirt, the difference is only in its length, since the midi is a few centimeters below the knee. However, as well as the model, midi skirt just brings out all the sensuality of the woman who wears it. Learn more about how to wear long skirts on http://www.physicscat.com/how-to-use-long-skirts/.
A tip for those who likes the fairer model, is to match the skirt with croppeds more free. It creates a balance in the look and in the proportions of the body. Those who like to create unusual and creative looks can use midi skirt just with shorter sweatshirts, riding a beautiful production and stripped.

Midi skirt with slit + blazer

If the idea is to assemble a look sexy, skirts midis with crack help to create this look. If combined with a blazer, the production gets automatically a more exquisite. The tip is to invest in longer lengths for the blazer, which cover the hips, giving the visual impression of “tune” and “stretch” the silhouette. To stretch even more, the tip is to invest in high heels.

Midi skirt in the winter

Who believes that the midi skirt can’t be used in colder days is completely wrong. She can be a good option, since combined with certain add-ons like: pantyhose, boots and sweaters more warm.
An excellent tip to err is not to bet on a color pantyhose her skirt. This keeps the elongated silhouette, especially when the shoe also has the same tone. For a funkier production, the tip is to bet on the maxi knitting because the play goes well with everything and is the perfect match for the colder days.