Different Types of Mens Hats

Did you know that in the early 20th century the male hat was basically mandatory for all men? Use this accessory was considered synonymous with status and style. So, it was almost impossible to see a man without one.
Over time, unfortunately, this fashion was getting lost, but is coming back with all and promises to be one of the great fashion trends this year. So ebizdir.net will show you a little more about the models of men’s hat.
One of the major proof that the hat is coming with everything is the great appeal that have among the artists. Names like Pharrell Williams and Johnny Depp are seen often with men’s hat.
There are many models for the four seasons. Some are up, others are out for long time, but with the tips we give here will be much easier to know what is the ideal model for your style!
The bowler hat is one of the most famous. He was immortalized by actor and comedian Charlie Chaplin, but can forget about this idea that he brings a visual old and heavy. This model is recommended for use with lighter Visual and relaxed.
With the cup rounded without ridges and small and curved tabs, coco hat was adopted by much of the artistic class and is very attached to the cultural milieu these days.


This is one of the most famous models of men’s hat in the world. Despite the name, don’t be fooled! The Panama Hat is made in Ecuador, but gained its name when u.s. President Theodore Roosevelt used in a visit to Panama.
Made of straw, this model has brimmed with cone. The Panama Hat, usually has the bidding in black or Brown, but won many other colors with the modernisation. This is a great choice for summer days. In addition to being a hat light and fresh, the large flaps are good to protect themselves from the Sun.


Another well known model is the fedora hat. He is one of the most used by the men during the autumn and winter to protect themselves from the cold.
Originally, the fedora hat is made of felt, but it is possible to find in several different materials. He has average tab and a cone with size right next to Panama.


The trilby is one of several models ranging from fedora hat. The big difference is the shortest. The original version of this model is in neutral tones and made of felt.
Nevertheless, you may have seen this male hat in different materials and in different colors. That’s because the trilby fell to the taste of young men and began to gain more and more variations.


The boater hat is quite famous here in Brazil. He popularized the Bohemian symbol of Rio de Janeiro, but originally was used by boatmen Americans, hence the name.
This model is made of straw, as well as the Panama Hat, but has a stronger structure. Another difference is in the design. The boater has straight tab, flat and average Cup Crown. A good option to enjoy the evening in the summer, or during the day.

Porky Pie

The hat porky pie is the classic jazz singers of years 20. He has a short flap, straight and low Cup Crown. Is usually done in neutral tones and great to use during the fall and winter.
Just like the crumpets, porky pie has a great artistic appeal and helps in building a more worship for a concert, theater and other cultural events.


Film fans surely know the homburg Hat model. He was immortalized in the figure of Michael Corleone, in the Godfather, considered the greatest movie in film history by Hollywood.
As porky pie, the homburg hat is very similar to the stench, but has a short tab and slightly raised.

Top hat

The hat has been very popular. She was part of the gala costumes and was heavily used by British and American tycoons, but even today can be seen on the head of the Slash or some character of Jhonny Depp.
This hat is made of various fabrics, with World Cup high, short and straight Crown tab. Is a good model.

Cowboy Hat

The cowboy hat is without a doubt one of the most used in Brazil, mainly in Barretos. Here, he is also known as hat country, associated with the various parties of pawn.
This hat is very distinctive, with great and almost always raised on the sides. The World Cup is high and has three pleats, used to hold in time to get and put the hat.