Different Types of Gloves and Their Uses

When winter approaches, there are two types of men: those who proudly wear a nice pair of gloves and those who put their hands in their pockets. If you have decided to be part of this first category and you start looking gloves worthily face temperatures increasingly harsh, this subject should be useful! 
Anycountyprivateschools  lists the main points to consider in choosing your gloves.


As always, before buying, look at the label. She will tell you a lot about the use you can make your future gloves and their quality. Wool is known for its insulating properties. It protects from the cold and absorbs moisture. If wool gloves have the charm of gloves we wore when we were children, they still have moderate efficacy and may deteriorate rapidly. So Ideally, choose leather gloves which protect more effectively the hands of the cold and wind.
We can distinguish different types of leather:

  1. The cow leather, pig, deer, sheep: allows for inexpensive gloves, appearance is more rustic with a stronger skin grain
  2. The lamb or goat leather: thinner, more flexible but also more expensive
  3. Peccary leather: it is a small boar native to South America whose leather is popular in glove because it enables the production of very flexible and resistant gloves pitted appearance
“A pair peccary represents the epitome of glove man. The peccary is an animal that lives in South America, it is the must in the glove for man. The eternal classic and so hipster.”(Olivier Fabre, Maison Fabre)

Leather gloves effectively protect from the cold, especially if they are dubbed. This lining is mostly wool, fleece or even rabbit. Mid season gloves can be doubled silk to keep all their finesse. They also can not be dubbed as the driving gloves.
Let us mention finally the gloves made ​​from textile fibers of synthetic origin such as nylon, polyamic the Polyester. These are often low-end gloves, unsightly or technical gloves designed for skiing or running. Some may then contain Gore Tex®, a technical fiber known for its impermeability.


Let’s put aside the technical gloves for sports or crafts, and consider that if you are here, it is primarily to find nice gloves for men to wear every day to go to class, office or out on week- end.

City of Gloves

Opt for leather gloves that you can match with your shoes. Choose beautiful black leather gloves that will remind your black brogues. Opt for a brown leather close to that of your boots. The lamb or calf leather is particularly fine leathers. A beautiful leather is distinguished by its pores tightened, his finesse, his touch, his unwrinkled appearance. Good gloves include tighter stitches, fine details that protect them but also to make them more beautiful. The more upscale are hand-stitched for extra strength.

City of Gloves Ouch Gloves and Screens

The widespread use of capacitive touch screens on our smartphones has made their use impossible with a pair of gloves. Unless you opt for a dedicated model that incorporates conductive pads at your fingertips, such as the range of SmarTouch Isotoner® or even metal son in weaving, or at Agloves Mujjo. And for others, there is always the solution mittens …

Driving Gloves

Aspiring pilots and more frequently the old car drivers can equip driving gloves – as their name suggests – are used primarily to drive! Let us evoke the case of mittens that allow for a better feel of the fingers on the steering wheel or the handlebars of his bike. Obviously nothing prevents you to divert the use for a daily use!If they have a certain charm, know however that in case of real cold, protection is not optimal (yes holes).

The Adventurer Gloves

Any good adventurer must possess a good pair of gloves to fight his fiercest enemies. If you are an adventurer (on foot, bicycle, motorcycle, liana), choose a pair of gloves in a thicker type of sheep or calf leather and lined. This model from “Glove” for example is sheep leather, lined with wool and cashmere to keep hands warm.
For maximum protection
A leg clamping or elastic at the wrist allows the glove to better protect the hand from the cold. This is a detail that is found in all types of gloves and has especially important when traveling on two wheels (bike, scooter, motorcycle) or when starting a hike in the mountains.

The Current Trend

At JB Guanti, the trend is fantasy, both in color or shape. Fabre house evokes a man looking increasingly a pair that has the look like a beautiful lamb hand-stitched with an edge cashmere or a pair of driving gloves in the minds of those they made for the film “Drive” and have actually created a fad!

Identify Its Size

The size is usually indicated by a number. CF our size guide. If it comes to leather gloves, feel free to take a little tight and force the first pass knowing that the leather will stretch afterwards. A glove for your height is a glove that well casing your fingers, thus protecting you from the cold, allowing you to keep a sense of touch. Please note, fingers should not be too short!

“There are also broader cuts, like hand-sewn, in this case do not hesitate to take a half size below” (Olivier Fabre, Maison Fabre)

A French Expertise

Finally emphasize that France has a real expertise in the area of ​​the glove, which remains two landmarks: Millau and Saint-Junien. Y are installed several glove factories that continue to produce gloves are handcrafted: Causse, Georges Morand, Maison Fabre, Lavabre Cadet … Last tip to recognize a pair “made in France”, look between fingers, there is a small triangle of leather, which is called “Carabin” he used to ease the fingers, it is specific to a French production.

Maintenance Gloves

This is JB Guanti himself who says, no 36 ways to maintain his gloves:
“It depends if your gloves are treated or not. If so, use a cleansing milk for leather, otherwise exfoliate regularly with a pencil eraser, especially light gloves or colors. :)”