Different Types of Collars

Today I present you the abundance of different collar forms in women’s fashion. In the 13th century, the first collar was attached to a jacket, then came the shirt with a collar. Already at that time, the collar was regarded as effective component to clothing.
Collar are the focal point of a garment and complete this by they adorn the neckline. Today, there really are some variants of collars.
The most important forms of collar in women’s fashion

  • Mandarin collar
    This form is wrapped the neck with light stand.
    My tip: good to combine with a vest.
  • Polo collar
    Sporty collar shape combined with a button placket.
    My tip:In the summer start combined with a gaudy Chino.
  • Shirt collar
    A very popular and practical variant, which is usually made of woven fabric.
    My tip: Classic wear with a chic Blazer.
  • Turtleneck
    More easily over the head to move, made of elastic fabric of worked standing spigot.
  • Hood
    Usually in the sports apparel, but also in the fashionable womens clothing in large sizes to find.A head covering, which is sewn on at the neckline edge.
  • Lapel collar
    A popular solution for women’s jackets and Lady jackets.This well-known collar shape comes from the traditional tailoring.
  • Turtleneck
    A practical alternative to dainty and long neck to let.Also a warming collar shape, which is like in the cool winter months. Usually consisting of elastic fabric to easily over the head to change the collar.
  • Sand barren
    A very feminine form of a collar.The two bands, which are integrated into a sweet bow are special. Can be good to “Romantic look”.
  • Peter Pan collar
    Often to see children’s clothing and women’s coats and women’s shirts.It is a playful form of the collar.
  • Ruffle collar
    The soft, flowing lines of this collar, the face appears fine.It is the most feminine collar shape women’s fashion.
  • Henley neck
    A flat processed round neck with a decorative Selvage and more and more in trendy designer collections to be found.Combined with a vintage jeans and casual shoes, woman underscores the coolness of the collar.
  • Shawl collar
    Common to see women’s knit and Lady coats or Lady jackets.This popular form of collar is very soft. Especially to be found in cardigans in large sizes.

What collar carries you prefer? Do you have any favorites?
I look forward to comments.