Difference Between Suit and Uniform

A guest post by Andreas Rose
Suits must be no uniforms, thinks the style consultant Andreas Rose. Anyone who wants to make a positive impression in the army of the other men in suits, should especially be careful about details-shoes, belts, watches and ties.

The suit is the work clothes of the man. But he has therefore to be uniform? No! The manner in which the suit is worn and are combined to which accessories, makes the difference and leaves enough leeway individual. Let’s start below:
The shoe. You never underestimate the subtle effect of a men’s shoe! In Geschäftsallltag footwear should be comfortable, elegant and high quality. The matching men’s shoe emphasizes the outfit, but not steals the show. The other way around can itself be an act Brioni suit shabby a worn and cheap looking shoe.
For fine twine fits as a crafted from the finest Boxkalbleder Oxford shoe, welted and in neutral black. Those who prefer a shade firmer like horsehide should dial into a full brogue, recognizable by the elegant lace pattern.
The belt. It forms ideally a unit with the footwear and should be matched in color as well on the material forth to each other. Brown Belt, black shoe? Do not go. Crocodile leather around the waist and at the bottom is once crocodile too much. Worn to suit the belt should not be wider than 3.5 centimeters. Who has a slim silhouette, can sometimes reach for conspicuous logo buckle, as the dark blue three-button single-breasted one noble brown belt with gold buckle. Otherwise a discreet buckle with silver and palladium edition looks elegant.
The watch. A costly watch combines technical sophistication, timeless design, tradition and luxury. It is the status symbol, a real male jewel. The PM stresses elegant and refined the style and personality of the wearer.
And it is quite a statement: If the carrier is sporty, it tends towards a chronometer with which he reaps not only on the business floor admiring glances, but a clock that is part of his diving equipment simultaneously.
Technophiles love to be able to take a look at the artfully
Crafted precision engineering, and purists waive gadgets and prefer to invest in an ultra-slim piece with hour and minute indicators, perhaps with a second-hand.Thickness swank parts in yellow gold are passé. They fit most a casual casual look, jeans and T-shirt and have to be paid without further jewelleries.
The tie. Even if it is an integral part of a business wear is expressed via itypetravel with no other accessory so clearly and obviously the personality and mood of the wearer. The tie stands for responsibility, aesthetics and reliability. In bright colors and made of lightweight silk twill for the summer of heavy silk, wool or silk knitwear in muted tones for the winter, it sets a colorful accent. Goods cut rather narrow in recent years, the ties, the trend is back to slightly wider forms.
Important when selecting the matching tie is that you go with the combination of large to small. This means selecting only the suit, then the shirt and finally the tie. For a dark gray suit, a light blue shirt has in the pattern and the color choice of the binder a relatively free hand. Generally, however, started not wild at the screening, but patterned with unpatterned and small patterned combined with large-eyed.
Decide on a pinstripe suit, you should choose in each case one unpatterned shirt and a plain-colored tie, since the pinstripes suit dominated as a pattern. If the distance of the pinstripes but smaller than one centimeter, then this fits a large patterned shirt, for example, strips with at least three centimeters distance or another Gitterkaro. For this looks best a solid colored tie. Those who want to put in this look something around his neck, then a soft silk-cashmere scarf.Binder with supposedly funny animal designs or cartoon characters are funny not even at Carnival and ties with company logo only at fairs portable.