Developers: We Are Ready for a Larger Screen on iPhone

It does not seem to 3. -party developers fear a bigger screen on the iPhone 6, but they prefer to dwell briefly in place in good time.
The rumor mill buzzing about the upcoming iPhone, and all the indications are that Apple will follow the trend from the other mobile manufacturers, and provide iPhone with a larger screen.
It is not the first time it’s happened to the company, since the former brought the iPad Mini to its product portfolio, even though then-CEO Steve Jobs previously was against the idea of a smaller iPad.
The company has several times made a big deal out to advertise their 4 “Retina display, as being perfect to control with one hand, but it may therefore soon be thing of the past.
However, there are more challenges than habituation on the program, if Apple has plans to get serious about that rumors are rife.
This applies in particular to the iOS developers who have contributed massively to iPhones success. Changing the screen size will chase them away from the platform?
Immediately the answer is no. It suggests to the developers have accepted the inevitable, and is more or less agreed on what the solution should be. It writes our site, which has asked a handful of iOS developers for the job.
Resolution is important
Among those questioned then it is not the screen size that worries them. It is increasingly about the resolution of the display. Apple has so far “made good” for developers, by maintaining the resolution of devices with different display sizes. When the Retina-the screen was introduced with the iPhone 4 was the still-3.5 “in spite of the fact that the resolution was doubled.
So did it also in effect when the iPad Mini saw the light of day, for here was the solution the same as on the original iPad, even if the screen had been 1.8 “less. If Apple introduces a larger iPhone and keeps the current resolution, pixel density will decrease and undeniably challenge “Retina”-the term they invented in 2010.
The developers therefore prefer that Apple multiplies up as in the past. If they even choose to double the resolution again, so will a 4.8 “iPhone in the same aspect ratio have a resolution of 2272 x 1280 pixels.
The format could also be switched back again
Since the 4 “major iPhone 5 appeared in 16:9 format, Apple had been using a 4:3 format on previous models (iPhone, iPhone 3 g, iPhone 3GS). Each of the respondents have pointed out that it just might be the solution, if Apple returned to the old format as in the past.
However, this would also mean that they would only make your phone wider and no higher, which seems unlikely, taken their previous comments into consideration.
Fragtmentation-also important but no “deal breaker”
Those surveyed developers prefer the iOS platform in favor of competitors like Android, especially due to shipping thought the ring. The thing is, however, apparent that the adjustment of the screen size is actually easier on the Android platform, but that Android-apps instead need to be adapted to different chips and operating systems, which ultimately requires more work.
“Of course, there is a point where too many screen sizes will lead most developers to design in the same way as Web designers, so a ‘ one-size stretch for all” approach, but it would be a shame, because pixel-perfect-layout’et is one of the things that separates the iOS from other mobile systems. But an additional format, will not deter us. “said Joseph Cieplinski, Creative Director at aerial bombardment Brain Interactive.
From the front sounds are so immediate fear of an iPhone with a larger screen.