Deuter Exosphere Sleeping Bag Review

An Expandable Bag

While this brand is best known for its backpacks, Deuter produced this rather unusual sleeping bag and which stems from an understanding of the problems of the hiker. The Deuter Exosphere sleeping bag is a bag of variable geometry.

I already quickly talked in the folder on the 2009-2010 outdoor news, this bag is able to deform on 25% of its width.It also seems that some brands such as Mountain equipment have already thought about the idea of an elastic bag, but probably not so accomplished.
We all have one day or the other cursed against the narrowness or the discomfort of our sleeping bag. Unable to turn around, claustrophobic sensations… There may be a solution. What is more, since the material is elastic, Deuter chose to cut closer to the body bag. Thus:

  • The volume of air between the body and the insulation of the bag is Reduced, pledging a better thermal efficiency;
  • The sleeper can always distort the structure of the bag to take his ease or change position if he wishes.

The Deuter Exosphere range comes in 3 variants:-8 ° C, – 4 ° C, + 2 ° C and several sizes. Check Pimasleepingbags for the military style sleeping bags.
I find this interesting idea, to follow and test as always before giving a definitive opinion on the product. It for example the question of the behavior of the materials insulation when it is subjected to the stress of movement, or again of the resulting weight of a system that seems to use more materials than a bag of classic sleeping.