Destroyed Jeans Plus Size

Always jeans was a baby for me: when I was good in the belly, was put in leg and when worked in the leg, not close to the belly. I came to hate the jeans for a long time because even in larger sizes weren’t right: since I don’t have hip and generally the modeling assume that all fat has hip, was left a lot of fabric bagged at the horse, forming periquitation.
I know it was really hard to find a court that actually I could dress and leave the store happy, without having to having to ask for the seamstress move, but that day has come when I put on the jeans Julia Plus for the first time. I don’t know what they do, but it looks like magic because the jeans wear me like a glove and I have several friends “cadeirudas” that says the same thing. Julia became well known for your jeans line just by modeling and for making colorful pieces and also with washings and special details. One of my favorite pieces from the new collection is destroyed jeans plus size: super modern and with a wonderful drape, this distinguished jeans allows us to make various combinations taken off for the day to day. These pictures, which are really mobile, show a very simple production that used these days to leave the comfortable and estilosinha!
I folded the jeans bar destroyed plus size to make a charminho production, but extra she has the slim cut, IE, not even largona and not tight. It’s like she accompany us leg format, getting loose at the ankle. The casual sneakers is a great choice for those pants taken off more, but in reality you can combine the most varied types of footwear with her and can do something that goes from basicão to tidy.
I’m quite happy with my destroyed jeans plus size and I know a lot of people have difficulty in finding this kind of model. Modeling this collection jeans Julia is well compatible with the sizes. Mine is 50 because I am more chubby: If I had caught the 48, would be too tight in the stomach precisely because I gave a fatter. If you are purchasing, just follow the table of their measures. These pants was an excellent investment and know that I’m going to use a lot. I hope you enjoy my produçãozinha casual for day to day! Kisses < 3