'Destinia', an RPG More Than Classic Retro Is

I am passionate about classic RPGs, and on Android I found a reef of these games. I’m jumping from one to another as I’m finishing them (if all goes well) or are tiring me (if the game turns out to be a disaster). For now, ‘Destinia’ fits into the first group.
As you can see in the above image, ‘Destinia’ not spin nor much less the power of the new Tegra processors. Not at all. Sprites of low resolution, 16-bit, which sometimes seem even less. But that is the least, the important thing is to take a dip in the spirit of the classic role-playing games.

To where we don’t have argument

‘Destinia’ argument is as broken as it can be expected, so I’m not going to bore you. In fact the game is quite linear, which is its main ruling. The scheme is the usual main mission and optional sub-misiones that give you more experience and magical objects. Unfortunately, these optional missions you do not deviate from the course of events and are only of two types: kill a particular creature type, or get an object that manages to kill a particular creature type.
As it turns out that those bugs you cross the road you are going to the main mission, it makes no sense not do them: anyway you’ll have to kill these bugs to get, why renounce experience and extra objects? You don’t even have to spend time.
In fact, the game is very similar to another that I already spoke, ‘ Inotia III: Children of Carnia’, although the graphics that were better. In return, I prefer ‘Destinia’ Alchemy System. Any object can be combined with another of the same magic level for another which, with a little luck, is more powerful.

Treasures, magic and Alchemy

In addition, objects have a level you must achieve in order to use them. They can also be strengthened thanks to magical orbs you find along the way. The magical properties of the treasures that we get we can identify with scrolls.
Finally, we can create our own objects on the fly, if we give the necessary ingredients. The penalty is that the ingredients to make the most useful objects are almost impossible to find, and those objects are not so expensive in stores.
With the advances of level we obtain magical abilities, which we reinforce with special points. It’s a shame that all these skills are so similar and almost impossible to distinguish icons. At the end you end up using two or three random and passing the rest.
Another curiosity are the titles. They are obtained by killing enemies, fulfilling missions, combining objects… Each title gives bonuses to two skills, and we can change title at any time, as appropriate. Every time we are offered a specialty, cannot change, and providing also special bonuses.

It is retro even in controls

Most uncomfortable of the game are your menus. Let’s see, Lords of Gamevil, that we have a touch screen… why I obligáis to use cursors to move me through the menus? You end up getting used, but it seems to me to be totally stupid.
The game also has a tendency to be hung during the dialogues. It gives a little alike because they do not contribute too, but as they tend to happen just after the combat with the Chief end of mission, and do not let you record up to put an end to the dialogue, it is unusual to have to repeat the combat. Luckily avoided the “Skip” button.

There are premium options, but they do not lack

The game offers the possibility of paying for credits, which are used to obtain special magic items. Honestly, they don’t lack for nothing. Almost everything on sale is unnecessary, or you can get it during the game.
An example are the parchments of resurrection, allowing to return to life in the moment, even in the middle of a fight with a boss at the end of mission. But if you die, you just have to start over combat, so…
Ah, I have found a trick that will give you unlimited potions. You just have to get two “mystic leaf”, leaving several enemies to be defeated. With these ingredients can create “Mediocre HP potion” and “Mediocre MP potion”… but by a failure of the game not consumed ingredients, so you can create the amount of potions that you want to use them or to sell them.

Destinia Version 1.0.5

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: Gamevil
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: free
  • Category: RPGs, RPG

A classic RPG that we interpret to Duke, that it’s put an end to an evil empire, rescuing his lover, sightseeing by enemies littered with maps, and other topics of this type of games.

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