Derby Shoes Review

By slightly british taste, clean, shiny, tiratissime and touch so serious and elegant. The derby model shoe is really a must for this winter, but also one of those things that’s always been there and always resists, despite everything. Like those friends who want well even if you do not call every day. You know you are there and when you need, there are. Here, all we should have a pair of shoes derby model in our closet… always. But let’s start from the base, from what we should know and we need above all to know to recognize and choose our “perfect derby.”

This model of shoe comes from the closet male and was later transformed and adapted to the feminine grace in time. The shapes have been rounded and graceful. There are two types of shoes that look like much and for those who are not exactly super knowledgeable maybe it can be difficult to recognize what is the “real derby.” The shoe that has the part of the lap strap not completely sewn to the upper (the part that as our feet) but is left “aflutter” at the base is a real derby. While the model of shoe that has the part of the lap strap sewn to the vamp is a completely Oxford. The derby model, as well as Oxford, can be “smooth” or pattern / perforated design, brogue, typical of an English shoe, which is why it is often called English girl.


Once we figured out what features should have a perfect Derby shoe, I would say that we can start to rein around the shops looking for the one that suits us and our style. I suggest you choose as the first model, if we already have one clear, simple shoe, maybe in black paint.
This shoe is a unique versatility and you will find yourself to wear under jeans, under a full skirt, under a little black dress for evening and informal aperitif. Once you buy a basic accessory, sbizzarriamoci to try all the different footwear for male that are on the market. Those with metallic leather, those with colored backgrounds, those with a little ‘wedge, those two materials from more sporting flavor.
What is certain is that the derby will be a great protagonist of our winter wardrobe!