Decorative Wall Lamps

Shed some light on the style: the wall lamps, also called applique, are inevitable accessories from the dual personality. Practical and decorative, enlighten and impress in every room. Register for free: daily online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Get inspired by Dalani.
Wall lamps: Magic light games
A large crystal chandelier in the dining room is undoubtedly a majestic accessory, but the ebullient generosity of the Baroque style is definitely
not for everyone. Floor lamps? Take up valuable space that could be exploited for a coffee table or nightstand. What it takes, in the bedroom as in the living room, are the wall lamps. The wall lamps, also called applique, are versatile light sources that will fit every furnishing style. The support and the glass covering the Wall lamp are never too big and bulky, but compact and functional. This characteristic makes the wall lamps so suitable for every environment and, thanks to the light that is projected directly on the home, wall lamps give birth to some wonderful play of light and shadow that enchant everyone you observe them, creating a romantic atmosphere and suitable for every occasion. Depending on the model of the a pplique and shade, light takes on different shapes, intensity and temperature. A cream-colored fabric is ideal for trying the shabbyliving room warm light, while a neon covered with tempered glass wall lamp casts all the white light that the bedroom minimal needs.
Wall lamps: decorate the various rooms
The wall lamps are not only an essential element in order to brighten any room, but they also have a wonderful decorative effect for all occasions, in fact, if you choose to buy wall lamps with adjustable lighting, then you can choose the most suitable for any occasion. In the living room, the wall lamps can be an elegant piece of furniture that serves to create the right atmosphere for any occasion – especially if accompanied by other light sources, like flames flickering candles or lanterns.
• Shabby chic, traditional and Provençal Environments: wooden wall lamps with embroidered fabric are the ideal choice for these styles of furniture. To be placed besidea desk white, or above the headboard of the bed.
• A modern and contemporary: appliques and wall lights in metal, aluminium and glass, with neon or LED lights cold. An Extensible Wall lamp is perfect for use as a reading light or in the studio, from direct directly on a table or on a book. The wall lamps spotlights are ideal for this purpose.
• Classical and Baroque glamour, Environments: Wall lamps and chandeliers shapedcandles, maybe to combine with a masonry fireplace, evoke a romantic atmospherein every room.
• Iron wall lamps and vintage enameled metal reminiscent of old railway stations, brightly colored (red bordeaux and bottle green) and rounded lines. Even designer lamps blend perfectly in 50 ‘s style stays.
• Industrial Environments: Wall lamps in metal grey, large and covered with grates, just as if we were in a loft in New York’s East Side.
• Outdoors: on the garden patio or on the terrace, there is nothing better than hanging wall lamps designed as old lanterns, which reproduce the charm of candle light without sacrificing comfort, convenience and security.
A very special Wall lamp: the lamp with wall arm
Contrary to what one might think, the wall lamps are not only “secondary” lighting function for any type of environment: in most cases, these wall lights are perceived as a complement to the primary lighting chandeliers and pendant lamps of various kinds. Have you ever considered the idea of using the wall as wonderful tools to create a reading nook? To do this you could use, for example, one of the Great Wall lamp with swing arm models selected exclusively for you by our experts in interior design. It takes a comfortable chair, a small table on which to maybe put a cup of hot tea and a soft blanket: choose finally the lamp with wall arm to be installed on the wall at the spot that you have created and you’re done. Usually, this type of wall is available in two different variations.
• classical wall Lamp with swing arm. This is a private traditional base and Lampshade with an adjustable arm to get the desired lighting. These lampshades wall lamps will win you over with their strikingly stylish appearance. Simple or decorated with bows or delicate floral motifs, are made from linen, Silk shantung or parchment.
• industrial style wall-mounted Lamp with swing arm. Also known as “lights”, the sewall lamps are reminiscent of precisely this ancient instrument. Typical of offices and industrial establishments, have experienced in recent years a process of conversion: were transferred from old factories to luxurious loft open space, those that appear regularly in the most prestigious international interior design magazines.
Wall lights in small rooms
Especially in small rooms, wall lamps give the best of themselves, without taking upvaluable floor space. In a bedroom smallish wall lamps are the right choice to replace bulky bedside tables and lampshades from reading. Floor lamps, lampshades or other decorative lamps furnish with style and space-saving solutions are excellent for those who love the furnishings that combine functionality and practice. Adjustable light wall lamps can be introduced in any room from the bathroom to the bedroom. These are particularly popular because they allow you to create a romantic atmosphere at any time you wish. Find the Wall lamp suits you and enjoy yourself to choose the pattern and the colors!
Outdoor wall lights
The appliques are a complement of highly versatile lighting, which lends itself to embellish with its warm light not only living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms, but also those outside where you usually entertain with friends and family on hot summer evenings. There are special versions for balconies, terraces and verandas, which will make the nights of summer simply magical. Look forward to a long table of friends in the garden, illuminated by the Moonlight warm and beautiful wall running along the wall of the porch. As for the outdoor wall lamps, you can choose from an incredible amount of models, sizes and materials. Get inspired in the choice of these gorgeous furnishings, from tips from our experts of styles and trends!

  • classic wall lights. Consisting of a satin glass hemisphere win for their simplicity and discretion with which integrate into garden furniture.
  • led wall lights. Have a line more distinctly modern, designed according to the canons of contemporary design. Led technology saves energy considerably higher (in some cases by as much as 75%) compared to conventional incandescent lamps.
  • wrought iron Lanterns: these are the most romantic wall lamps. Memory of past epochs, these gorgeous lighting accessories are ideal for a garden in a Provencal style, but are also perfect on the patio of a rustic farmhouse.

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