Decorations For Walls

A house without any detail on the walls is naked, devoid of that innate personality of ourselves reflected in every one of the details that we decorate our home.

If you are in the process of your home décor and you still don’t know what to do with your walls takes note of these ideas, for sure some fits perfectly with your style!

-Pictures: There are a lot of varieties, from the traditional picture of a still life framed in a rococo moulding up to family or friends photos on bases of wood, foamboard or bases covered by glass without using a framework. The best is that you go through a shop specialized in pictures and you go picking up ideas of what more you would like to.

-Mirrors: Mirrors are ideal for spread light in the space better and do that so any rooms multiply its meters in addition to give a touch of style to any room.

-Clocks: You can find from the most classical and traditional models (cuckoo, circulars, etc.) to the most modern and innovative (vinyl, photo frames, etc.), some even allow to customize them!

-Vinyl or stickers: these nursery stickers from the site are one of the most widely used today, and it is that there is a huge variety of models at very reasonable prices as well as being very easy to place and remove.

-Fabrics: Oriental fabrics have been fashionable, it is a beautiful and economical way to decorate some specific areas such as the headboard of the bed, for example.

-Hangers: A practical idea that also may be the most decorative if you are looking for the ideal product; You can find tails of dogs, maxi clips and even star ninjas stuck on the wall.

If previous ideas not displease you, but you are looking for something different to create a brand of style and innovation in your home don’t hesitate to take a look

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