Decoration – 5 Tips to Work from Home and Be Happy!

I work from home and I know how difficult it is, although so enjoyable, to keep up the work routine, to be productive, when so much can distract us. That’s why there are 5 ideas that I use and work with to facilitate, decorate, organize and make more productive your working environment:
1) Choose The Location And Format According To The Way You Are:
That is: If you need silence and/or get in the way of interruptions, create your work environment in a more closed and distant area of ​​the house ti-ti-ti.
If this is not possible, create barriers (shelves, screens, etc.) to become more isolated (a)
If you need or want to see everything that is happening in the house and do not have problems with interruptions, do the opposite. But do not forget: have a work routine, a schedule or a minimum and maximum daily amount of hours to work and let everyone know about it.
2) Seek Maximum Comfort
You can not work long without your body being comfortable: Think of the best chair you can buy, in good light (neither too much nor too little – ideally you can control it), at the table compatible with your size – your feet should Be supported, your arms and knees bent at 90 degrees without “gripping”, the height of the monitor – if using a computer – equals that of your eyes with your head in a straight position.
3) Have Everything You Use By Hand And Organized
To raise all the time to look for something that always uses or, worse, to look for because it does not know where it is super unproductive. If you’re one of those well-organized people, let it out. But if you have a tendency to mess (like me, rs!) Put in boxes or opt for closed furniture from remzfamily or with enclosed areas.
4) Do Not Trust Your Memory
Having an agenda at hand, and / or a framework with activities and commitments is even a priority. If it is easily visible, better still. I have the 2 and I am still a compulsive user of the post-it, that I put under the monitor with those super important reminders that can not forget.
5) Separate (And Fulfill) A Time To Relax, A Time For Meals, Another To Exercise And Time To Simply Chat Outside, Watch TV, Read A Book, Listen To Music, Call A Friend, Look At The Landscape Or Do Another Thing
When we like what we do it is normal to forget about life and when we least expect the day is over and that little taste of “I did not live” is very sad. Do not let that happen. I can say that the times when I have new creative ideas are often the ones I’m not working on. And attention: Never forget the days of rest and respect them (I do not always do this, but do what I say and not what I do, ok? Rs!)