Decorating with Large Wall Clocks

Decorating a home can be a fun and exciting project, but it can also get expensive very quickly. To save money, try making your own giant wall clock. A giant decorative wall clock is inexpensive to make and it will change the look of your room all once you hang up.


  • Visit a craft store and buy a wrought iron wall clock kit, a set that includes the hands of a clock installed a small engine with a place for a battery.Buy the correct battery for the clock kit as well.Make sure the clock kit includes the correct screws for installation.Buy large wrought iron numbers one to 12, at least 2 inches long each, to match the kit of the clock.
  • Select on your wall where you want to install your giant wall clock.Place a pencil mark at the exact place that you would like the center of the clock to be.Measure horizontally a foot mark on your left and make another mark. Measure again horizontally a foot from the mark when measuring clockwise. From the floor, measure the distance of each of the last two pencil marks to determine if they are at the same height from the ground. Affix the appropriate number of wrought iron in each brand with the screw and screwdriver.
  • Measure one foot vertically up the center pencil mark and run another mark with your pencil.Repeat this step a foot down from the center mark as well.Install the correct numbers wrought iron at each mark, placing the top 12 and the bottom 6. Measure the remaining marks a walk from the center point and plot points for each number. Affix the remaining numbers of wrought iron.
  • Read the instruction clock kit and use your screwdriver and screws supplied with the kit to install the hands and the engine directly on top of the pencil mark on your wall.Stand back and watch your clock away. Make sure it is straight and even your level allows you to make adjustments if necessary.