Decorate Outside Garden Shed

Zero budget does not mean zero ideas. Here’s how some Houzzers have embellished their daily lives in the garden with recovery materials and engineering ideas. Most of these do it yourself are achievable with tools for regular handymen. If you’re not equipped but you like the concept of second life objects, is perhaps a good motivation to start to equip yourself. You will find no doubt fun to this new hobby. And at Houzz, we hope that you will share your ideas of decoration récup’.

  1. A Palisade
    Here’s an original way to delimit its dining in the garden. The Stockade in paneling, painted in almond green, has been enhanced through a patchwork of perforated plates.Do not throw away the pieces of your different crafts from cleats or the frames that you have removed!

These old shutters and exotic moucharabiehs found here another utility paleness wall so that plants climb. Brick wall, formerly of naked, now has a green taste also.
2 light!
Maybe it’s the only one of these achievements to a special tool – a wheel of glazier, less than 10 euros – in order to achieve the wonderful Lampshade of this devilishly original suspension.
9 DIY ideas to transform a simple bottle decoration accessory
Another idea of festive lighting, lanterns manufactured canned. Pierce them with big forests or a drill to metal. At the bottom, put a candle or even a small LED spot wireless that lights up (about 2 euros) pressure.
3.A Green Wall
Planter who enliven this brick wall are old gutters in zinc. Keep as here a snap in staggered rows at equal heights and drill them in the background as far as flowerpots.
Favorite for this another fun idea of an eater of cans to revegetate wall. A firewall grid serves to support many small canned food friendly cute Succulents. A nice workshop to do with children who may paint each keeps a different color.

  1. A Deco Bottle
    The first who said that old can point in the garden was all wrong!Cut in half, it serves brasero or barbecue and even container for burning the leaves (use regulated in certain hours and seasons).Beware, this is artisanal and quite dangerous for children.

Here’s a much more refined way to reuse old cans. If you have more, why not make a vegetable garden in circles instead of squares like everyone else do?
Here, this set with a garden area and a sandbox is adorable. Nevertheless, he must find a way to abrade enough the edges of the cans so that they are not hurtful.
Even used paint pots painted in bright colors can be re-used in the garden in vases or pots of flowers. For a thematic evening on the theme of recycling ‘, perhaps, or to care for the children a rainy afternoon?

  1. Games For Children
    An old tire and old pipes PVC make up this Zebra home made and decorated to the bomb.Don’t skimp on the anchoring of this structure so that it is safe for little ones who will probably lead this animal in crazy cavalcades.

For patient and very handy dad having kept his inner child, here’s a more lengthy production, made in recycled materials. I bet that the investment will rise to the smile of a child who finds out what his dad did for him.

  1. Elements of Decoration
    This terrace is warm thanks to the two giant paintings that frame it and give it the air of a room to eat.
    The first is other than a framed turf.He mimics a green wall for a much lower budget. The second collects pieces of furring strips of different heights. Will need you patience, but the effect is up to the job.

Finally, we welcome the very poetic flower that can beautifully decorate your garden beds. It was made into dishes recovered and mounted on a metal rod that is in principle intended to arm the concrete.