De Grisogono Jewelry Prices

We start the day with a little ‘healthy romance, today I propose the collection of for Valentine’s Day, really beautiful jewelry and fascinating. De Grisogono is a luxury brand specializing in jewelry, in recent months we have seen several times his creations especially worn by the most beautiful women in the world … Do you remember Bianca Balti parure with white diamonds and green emeralds on the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival 2011?
If you have engaged particularly generous or you have to forgive something, we hope it’s not a betrayal, but rather various gifts wrong or too little generous, send them in jewelry accessories to ask De Grisogono. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2012 De Grisogono offers us a special capsule collection, precious, beautiful and luxurious! If there’s one thing that immediately won me is definitely the pair of cufflinks in the shape of pigs, the perfect accessories to jazz up a suit too serious or shirt white. Then we have the Pigna line formed by white diamonds, sapphires, pink and blue which comprises a ring and a necklace. For girls who love the unbridled luxury but deep love girls are pink, De Grisogono offers the Snail line that has declined with diamonds, tomarline, sapphires and rose gold, a dream.
Spiral includes a beautiful ring (15 white diamonds, 30 sapphires, 3 and 4 sapphires tomarline briolettes) and then a pair of earrings and a necklace with a pendant. Browse through our photo gallery and see these beautiful jewels signed by De Grisogono.