DaVinci THD, Nvidia Tegra 3 out Muscle with a FPS Online

You need less to bring the first devices with Nvidia, Tegra 3, quad-core processor to the market. While we hope will killing time with small demos as Glowball in which they can see what is this new chip capable.
As some apuntasteis in the comments it is true that Glowball is a bit ugly and does not seems to be the most fun in the world thing. However Nvidia has given us a new advancement with DaVinci THD, that will be one of the first games complete for your device and the little that has taught looks good.
DaVinci THD is a shooter first-person somewhat peculiar. As you can see in the video the game take a look that mixes some of the steampunk Baroque Renaissance elements with that. The result as you can see is visually very good and it gives proof of what we can expect from these new processors.
Perhaps the most interesting of the matter is that We have an online game. I.e., we can fight against players around the world in different game modes that, for the time being does not know anything about. NVIDIA only alludes to that, we will see many technical artifice which will demonstrate the power of Tegra 3.
DaVinci THD will be released next month of January at a date still to be determined. We will see if in playing everything is as spectacular as it appears in the video and if controls are up to. Taking into account that the first devices that receive it will be tablets control will be comfortable, we’ll see if so. What do you think? Much better than Glowball, truth?