Cycling Community

Today the Community Kronxito decided to go with painted face, no more, no reason, for no reason, because he wanted to, plain and simple. So we shot by Molina de Segura to Campotéjar and from there took the road of the transfer. We shot at a good pace until the end of the transfer, turn right, facing a steep slope, a slope and turn right again to take the dirt road engineer in the Sierra del Marqués. A climb of about 2km, not fussed also did apace.
Once up continue to the left road, exploring a small area we did not know and reaching the road Ulea.The left and we arrived at Barranco Sevilla, there turn right to go to the viewpoint of the forest house at the beginning of Scalextric. We stopped a few minutes to lunch, rest a little and throw us a few photos.

We decided to raise the hammer, so we took the road up to the mountain of Navela. A very nice area with no steep climb. The road ends at 2km and start the path Hammer. We took and got a technical and narrow path in which the Community Kronxito suffered a small fall to one side without consequences.
We reached the top of the path of Hammer and just down to the road. A very nice path that always surprises with its views of the mountains of the Navela. We take the way down, at speed, to reach the service via port Losilla. Before arriving we had a little carelessness that took us close to the waste recycling center. We are realizing we headed back down the road and took the good.
We went back road at the beginning of Scalextric, descending it to Ulea. A curious descent through cobbled path in the middle of the mountain. We arrived at Ulea and through, stopping at a bakery to buy some liquid as Kronxito was lacking water. The clerk was astonished to see a little face painted Kronxito, too many people who went across us along the way.
We took the path of the viewpoints in Villanueva del Río Segura and from there we shot to Archena and to the Alto del Ope. We face this rise and night, with the lights on bike, really enjoying the sights of the city at night. This rise is approximately 1km, with a ramp tough but bearable. Once at the top we stopped to sit down for a quiet moment and enjoy the night views of Archena.
We put the light bulbs bike to the maximum and descended the path behind the Alto del Ope, a little technical and dangerous at night, so we went down slowly and carefully. We reached the village and took the walk from the shore of the River Segura.
Halfheartedly and because it was night and the route we were going fast and doing occasional rise took the river bank to return to Molina de Segura. Here further we increase speed so that we are not made too late.
With legs dusty, white completely, we Molina de Segura at about 22:11, with 4 hours of road, 60km and 800 meters accumulated. A fast and fun route today, seeing the faces of exclamation and wonder of the people who were finding us against seeing the painted face of Community Kronxito.