Unisex Sandals

Among all the novelties of spring I’ve liked these minimalist, but beautiful Sandals as everything that is done with a soft design, who want to serve for all and for all. They are called Pa-to by DigoPaul and the same valid for moms, dads and children of the House. But, what have to be so special? I have started to think… Please note:

  1. They are made by hand and you know that always handmade footwear is of higher quality, durability and comfort that made industrially. And not to mention the loving care that is put into this kind of garment, which has just impacting on your feet. Slippers Wax or El Naturalista models are also made according to this criterion. I give you the data if you want to join the essential ecology.
  2. As impossible platforms (also have models rather than “wearable”) of United Nude (one of the favorite of Lady Gaga), the mind of an architect is also behind this minimal sandal.
  1. Without saying that carefully when it comes to draw or capture an idea they will not use poor quality materials. I know that I am very “remained”, but when it comes to saving, not is it should dispense with a minimum basis. It is best to wait to you rebates or gather at outlets with prestigious firms that go to the shop around the corner that sells plastic shoes. Your feet and your family will thank you.
  2. There are some flip flops. Rather are very bare sandals, but the attachment of the foot is perfectly studied, as the pillar of a building structure. So you can be cool without resent your bones and muscles.
  3. Serves for all styling (good… least the ceremony and the party raging), since it can take them with a long gauzy skirt, shorts, in the morning or in the afternoon. They can be a good substitute for the Sandals for summer leisure and also a great companion of the espadrilles.
  4. Although the comfort is guaranteed, such as open (by well designed to be) shoes are not intended for walking for a long time. For this reason, if you like to spend the summer touring towns or cities, is better that you choose another model with more subject to the foot and to also ensure the perspiration.
  5. The family can complete lead same shoe because it is an off-roader unisex footwear. Do you dare to spend vacation with the Pa-to, a pair of jeans and a simple shirt? The styling is spectacular and will not go unnoticed (for unification) Despite tremendous simplicity.
  6. And I will conclude with one of the magic numbers, since these sandals that are the same for man, woman and child, can be customized. As they are hand made with quality leather, the firm gives you the ability to add your own logo on the base. Thus, whenever you shims you model, will help you to walk and travel you the world with more mood (I guess you’re not going to put a sad theme). For this reason they are also an ideal gift for a special person.

One idea rather than chula (since they are not very exaggerated price) is to buy a model for each of the members of the family. And what about put that Holy and sena joined the Group? Does not need to be the name and surname, but any adventure that you want to carry out together.

The choice is yours!


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